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Is Milk Really Bad For You?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by SwichOne, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Yeah, but WHY is it produced? Our bodies are made to be able to digest honey, unlike the milk of another mammal. And just fyi, humans NEED the existence of bees to survive on earth. If all the cows died off on this planet, we'd actually be a lot better off.

    Again, 75% of the world is lactose intolerant. If 75% of the world is growing fine without it, it is no where near necessary. Just because everyone around you in your culture drinks it, does not mean that all humans need it. Actually every single human being is lactose intolerant, but 25% of humans can tolerate small quantities of it. If you drink enough milk in one sitting, you will puke.
  2. I'm just curious if you're aware of the concept of animals adapting to new diets.

    If you drink enough water in one sitting you will die... Water is the liquid of life.

    Again, adaptation. Give it some time and cow's milk will be as natural for us as jerking off. ;)
  3. the definition of "some time" differs from person to person, we (humans) have been consuming milk for a while now, so how long before its "natural" and this wont be during our life times either, if ever.
    And where the fuck is my food is pill form damnit LOL, remember that?
  4. Well yeah of course not in our life times. The point is animals adapt over time to new diets. It's not like the earth appeared with bears on it and they decided they'd enjoy eating the berries that also just happened to appear. Animals change, their diets change, and just because it's not what they're used to doesn't mean it's worse.

    Also, Vitamins are pretty fucking close to food in pill form. Pretty damn impressive too.
  5. If you swallow enough advil, you will die.

    Dying from too much liquid in your body is a world of difference from your stomach not being able to digest a specific sugar (lactose is a sugar). We need to drink water to survive. Milk is not necessary for our survival, and given the fact that it contains lactose, cholesterol, and saturated fats... it would be wise to NOT consume it.

    Drinking the milk of another mammal (specifically the cow) is purely cultural. If you believe the nutrition aspect that the corporations are selling you, then they won you over. It doesn't change the fact that not only do we not need milk to survive (hence the majority of planet earth surviving without it), but our bodies function better without it.
  6. bullshit milk is good for you it has calcium and vitamin D and if youre tryna get big like bulk up milk helps a lot trust me im in the field
  7. This isn't a matter of needing things. This is a matter of pleasure. We don't need to wear clothes all year either, but we do. We don't need to have sex without procreation but we do... I haven't been won over by either side. You see, I prefer to not pick sides when it comes to these types of things because I'm not a fuckin' scientist. Not only that, but I can't predict the future either.

    All that aside your average milk drinker is still outliving the natural world's human life span. I think we'll be okay if not everyone makes it over 50.
  8. mankind has been drinking milk since the very beginning, it has nothing to do with corporations lol and theres a whole food group dedicated to it... milk and cheese all day errredayyyy throw in some yogurt and sour cream cant go wrong with that
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    American women are the highest consumers of calcium, yet they have the highest rates of Osteoporosis (even though by nature they should 1/3 of a likelihood of developing Osteoporosis compared to males).

    No I will not trust your ignorance over facts.

    Going back to point of this thread, no milk is not good for you. So argue about pleasure all you want. People shoot up heroin for pleasure... doesn't mean it's good for you.

    - You can easily consume more calcium than your body can digest, which will lead to Osteoporosis. About 45ish million Americans have low bone density despite the widespread consumption of dairy products.
    - Humans aren't built to consume lactose, and the consumption of it irritates our sinus cavity to where it causes inflammation and over-production of mucus.
    - Milk of any animal is not meant to be digested beyond the age of 3; even though a small percentage of human adults have a small amount of lactase enzymes in their digestive systems, our digestive system would prefer not to have to digest it.
    - Half of all iron deficiency in US infants results from cows milk-induced intestinal bleeding.

    I understand that you are a product of your environment and that you have been told, I mean sold your whole life that milk is good for you and that it's engraved in your mind. The longer that it has been branded in your mind, the harder it is going to be for you to stop being stubborn and open your eyes to the truth. Or some of you love your taste buds more than your organs so you're going to choose the pleasure of drinking milk over the health of your human body.

    Of course the milk industry isn't going to pay a lot of money advertising how milk is bad for you, that's why you only hear the good sides of milk. Since you guys never did any research on your own, you never learned the facts about the milk of another animal and what it does if we put it in our stomach.

    Bottom line, the human body is better off without the consumption of a cow's milk.
  10. Since the very beginning? Again, how does that explain the fact that the majority of mankind can't even digest milk?

    Where do all these fairy tales and lies come from? Are making up bullshit because the dairy industry has won you over so badly or because you want to sound cool on the internet?
  11. I mean it comes from cows:confused_2:...they are the...well..cows of the animal kingdom
  12. You're so set on being right that what I'm saying is flying right over you head. You keep coming at me with this assault like I'm some sort of idiot sheep who thinks milk is god's gift because Mr. corporation told me so. I clearly said that I don't pick a side because I don't actually know enough about it.

    I can't even talk to somebody like you on a topic like this. It's like trying to explain evolution to a creationist. It goes in one ear and out the other while they think up another response to the points I made that they didn't understand.
  13. cats also drink anti freeze....its like kool-aid to them
  14. hell nah, i want some raw milk.
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    If drinking milk irritates your sinus cavity, increases your risk of prostate cancer, helps promote Osteoporosis, and increases your chances of heart disease... how in the world can you say that milk is good for you?

    This thread is called "Is Milk Really Bad For You?". Everything that I stated above is definitely not healthy for the human body, so it would only make sense that, yes, milk is really bad for you.

    edit: Ohhh I see, it comes down to "you". Yeah I wasn't replying to you, I was replying to the topic at hand. So if you deviated away from this thread's topic, that's your problem.

  16. Are you saying that American women consume the most calcium worldwide and also have the highest rates of osteoporosis compared to other women around the world or just compared to American men?

    I don't know about American women vs the rest of the world, but there's a few good reasons why women in general develop osteoporosis more than men...

    Is this true?! Too much calcium causes osteoporosis? :eek:
  17. Gotta die somehow. Might as well enjoy what tastes good while I'm on this planet.

    To everyone who thinks drinking cow's milk is weird if you 'think about it', try thinking about beef. Eating the remains of a dead animal is a lot more weird than drinking it's tit juice, in my opinion.

    I really want a burger and glass of milk now haha

    ps. everything causes cancer

  18. I would rather have milk than ciggarettes. Even if they put warning labels on that shit haha.
  19. I drink milk and i have early stages of sinusitis.. apparently its all dairy things that aggravate your sinuses.
  20. 1. Dario, you sound like a major asshat, even if your right nobody likes that lvl of douchery

    2. After reading this thread, I probably won't drink milk as much as I do now just to play it safe, but one or two glasses every now and then with some Oreo's won't hurt me, this I know.

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