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Is methadone maintenance being clean???

Discussion in 'General' started by chiefMOJOrisin, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. Those who get to deep into opiates (heroin, oxycontin, etc...) often need assistance beyond detoxification to get clean.

    Methadone is a synthetic opiate that allows addicts to live a 'normal' life. If abused, it will get you high... but not if taken correctly as prescribed by the doctor of the clinic.

    In your opinion, is being on methadone maitenance the same as being clean?? Why??
  2. no way.. methadone is just a weak substitute for heroin.. doesnt mean ur clean, just means ur are addicted to methadone, a pharm drug and not heroin a street drug.
  3. I'd say as long as the person is no longer using the substance they became addicted to, their clean. Imo.

    A Heroin addict who uses Methadone only, is regardless of the Methadone, still clean from Heroin.

    But then they could also become addicted to the Methadone. Which would restart the cycle.
  4. they're not addicted to heroin, but only out of a technicality. They're still addicted to a variation of opium, sorry doesn't count imo. Just another way for drug companies to make money off of the illegal drug market.

    How the fuck is it fair that the government is like "You can't use heroin, but here's this version that's 90% as strong and you have to buy it from our friends!!1! awesomez ur cured!@[email protected]!@"
  5. Methadone is JUST as bad, most heroin addicts become addicted to it
  6. Methadone, I would think, would be a lot more safe for one to be addicted to. There are regulations on that stuff, and there aren't any on heroin. *Note* I said a lot more safe, but not safe.
  7. I'm about a quarter of the way into Nikki Sixx's The Heroin Diaries and in one of his journal entries he says that he has started a Methadone program to help ween him from Heroin. After a day in the program, he left feeling normal, shot up within the hour and used Methadone strictly to add to his own personal list of addictions.

    I'm not against it in any way, if it helps you rid yourself of something as debilitating as opiates then, by all means, get your fix. But if you're using it frivolously just to fuck yourself up, then move on to another method. I hope you realize how painful Heroin withdrawl is.
  8. Thats how people I know are.. the get Methadone to help, but they use it as extra or sell the methadone to people like me who dont want to shoot up heroin.

    Chase the Dragon FTW
  9. in the words of my great stoner environmental science teacher. 'methadone cures heroin like gin cures vodka'
  10. Methadone is a bad drug. Methadone maitenance is a highly controlled program where users go everyday. The clinics force clients to go to AA/NA meetings, there are weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/bi-monthly urine screens and if needed blood.

    Any drug can be abused. The point of methadone maintenance is to get the opiate user addicted to the methadone so he/she doesn't have to go out and score dope. It is strictly monitored and a client can be thrown off the program for any number of reasons.... usually being dirty urines or financial reasons.

    One bag of heroin is 10$. At the end of my stint, I was shooting 5 bags to get normal, not high. I estimated I spent anywhere from 200-500$ weekly on dope. The methadone clinic is 30$ a week....and it's only that much because I have private insurance through my work and they only take state insurance. If I had that, I'd be free.

    Every person on the program knows the dangers of both heroin and methadone. Obviously taking an opiate everyday is going to get a person addicted, come on now... duh. The goal is to get the opiate abuser out of his/her rut caused by the ritual. They no longer have to spend thousands, worry about the cops when going to score, worrying about ODs, worriying about getting beat/robbed/killed, or (most important) be dopesick. Once on the program, the user can then focus on the important things in life that opiates crushed..... like having a steady job, taking care of family/yourself, going to school, mending broken bridges.... ya know... all the things an average dopehead has flushed a long time ago.

    No doubt there are those who get on the program for strictly personal, drug seeking motives. Nikki Six can die.... he's a fucking scum bag. So are all the other type of people who go to the clinic....most of which pay for it with MINE AND YOUR tax money......then they sell their take homes in the parking lot. Increasing the heat and giving those of us who are honestly trying a bad name.

    When a person does heroin everyday for 5 years.... shit, 1 year.. they need A LOT to get off. And most of the time, a 5-7 day detox does absolutely nothing. Trust me, I've been there 4 times. They send you out on the street, still dopesick, and expect you to just be cured. There are maaaaaaaaany other aspects involved in a persons recovery. The methadone programs insist on these aspects or else they won't let a person on their program. For many many many people, methadone maitenance is the only thing that even slightly helps in their addiction. If someone wants to shoot up while on the program, their dumb because it takes damn near 3x the amount to get high when on methadone. And if they stop taking it, it will show in their urines.

    It is a shame that there are people who abuse it. It is a blessing to some and a curse to others. My buddy was an addict like me and took 80mg of methadone liquid to get high (not on the program) and it fucking killed him. His older brother.... 60mg, dead. Most clinics start you at 40....then you go up or down, depending on the individuals needs. I got up to 120..... now I'm on 60, going down.

    I appreciate the responses. Its easy to see who doesn't know anything about it.....which was also one of my goals with creating this thread. The general synopses on methadone is that its 'legal heroin'. Most people have no fucking clue about it so all they know how to do is bad mouth it. But hey, isn't that what everyone does about something they don't know about????

    take it sleezy

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