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Is marijuana safe to mix with anything

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by insomniasucks, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. Marijuana is not dangerous. Would mixing it with any other drug make it more dangerous? Im not just talking about feeling sick and throwing up from getting cross faded. Can it safely be mixed with any other prescription or OTC drugs?
  2. I always mix bud and goony
  3. I believe it would be fine with most over the counter meds.
  4. Awhile back I had to have a shot of prolixin fortnightly.. After the shot I'd never smoke until first week after shot
  5. Its one of the reasons it should be valued WAY more!

    I mean seriously, its one of the safest pain relievers there fucking is.

    If you don't smoke it I can say for a fact that marijuana is safer then advil.
  6. it would be fine unless youre not smoking the prescription drugs (yes, people do this)

    personally i prefer those happy pills you get when you have wisdom teeth surgery :smoke:

    but pills are bad! just have some herb ;)
  7. Weed is generally considered safe to mix with many substances, best thing to do is google the drug in question or ask on forums. These days I rarely smoke weed without mixing with something. :)
  8. You mix with alcohol that's the best. The only dangerous part is the alcohol. Sometimes you get the spins though
  9. You can smoke weed with anything, I find that it potentates many drugs, but other drugs it seems to ruin the whole thing (specifically stimulants). It always works as the perfect comedown/hangover cure though, no matter what your using.
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    Put some cocaine on your doobie

    Other drugs are not allowed - WW
  11. Mixing drug abuse with unprotected, promiscuous sex while repeatedly taking the lord's name in vein has always been a way to pass time :)
  12. cannot discuss other drugs on GC. Now i have to go back and review this and issue warnings/infractions.
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