Is marijuana a mild psychedelic?

Discussion in 'General' started by llamalover, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. I'm pretty new to weed, when I first started I thought I'd be laughing a lot but I don't it just makes me feel relaxed, stress free and sometimes I notice things I normally wouldn't like the other night I was sitting in my backyard at night and noticed right after I smoked that my house turned sideways slightly and I noticed my house looked crooked, so is marijuana a mild psychedelic?
  2. I haven't seen shit in all my time smokin'...But apparently some people do.

    Maybe you were crazy to begin with?:cool:
  3. I believe it slightly is..
  4. First time I smoked color were more vibrant,but that's about it.

    Nothing like the real deal Hollyfield,except maybe the giggles for the first few times you smoke.
  5. Its absolutely a psychedelic. Not all psychedelics make you hallucinate.

  6. I always laugh with my friends every time I smoke enough of some good dank.
  7. It's psychotropic, google it
  8. Every once in awhile I'll get the uncontrollable case of giggles,but nowhere near my first few months of toking.

  9. Agreed, I used to laugh sooo much when I first started blazing:rolleyes:
  10. One time I got high as shit and every time I stood up I'd go blind in a yellow haze. It sucked because I had like a two mile walk home and my friends were being dicks to me. I sat down like ten times on my way home and had to hold a fence to guide me. Let me tell you it is a hell of a scary thing to be climbing under a military base fence and halfway sprinting down this big hill you go blind but still have to run 100 yards. Good times though.
  11. When I first started smoking I'd see slight distortions when looking at patterns and things like that, nothing big. But all that happens now when I get really stoned is sometimes I'll have some auditory hallucinations. That or I become schizophrenic when I smoke.
  12. Oh and always the giant stomping outside. I won't need to explain this to some of you.
  13. When I'm really high I can hear awesome music playing in my head, independent of what I'm thinking, it just keeps going on its own. I can never get it to sound right when I try to play it though :laughing: apart from that, when I look at something blank like a wall or a cloud I can see spiderweb patterns stretching over it. Gotta be really high for any psychedelia to become apparent though.

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