Is marijuana a laxative?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by magicpumpkin, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. I don't know about you guys, but whenever I'm high or even just half baked and I take shit, I poo real nice. I know tobacco has some laxative properties, so I was wondering if mary jane does.
  2. It is and isn't. I never feel the need to go take a shit or im going to explode high. However, in the event I need to go to the bathroom, it seems to act as a laxative in that case (I'll leave the details to your imagination)

  3. [​IMG]
  4. This happens more so with cigarettes.
    But weed will make you shit if you were holding one in..
    It relaxes your prostate and other muscles/
  5. haha yes with the George Bush picture. However I get his meaning cryptic as it may be. If we are talking smoking weed no it's not a laxative in that sense. It relaxes muscles by it's nature which may allow you to poo more easily. But if we are talking eating weed, like lots of it, if you got them schwag and you just feel like eating it, yeah it's a laxative, since it's quite fibrous.

    So yeah. It is and it isn't. It just isn't more than it is.
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    I find that when I smoke a bowl, my constipation goes away. So ya, for me, marijuana is a "laxative".
  7. i used to shit everytime i got high for a week and half ....iuno why

    and no im not tokin on the toilet
  8. if i dont really need to shit it isnt a laxative, but lets say i have to somewhat take a shat, mj is a laxative
  9. i don't think its a laxative. maybe you just need to go after killing all those munchies...
  10. You spin me right round babay right round
  11. yeah it's some type of natural laxative

    lots of people with chrons disease smoke for relief
  12. I have colitis and the last thing you want to do with chrons is shit more..

  13. Aint that the truth!!!!
  14. i lol'd
  15. I dont think it is i mean if you ate alot of food before then ate more because of the munchies thats prolly why
  16. i dont think it is. you probably just letting out last high's muchie run
  17. This same thing happened to me today. That's why I'm on this forum :p
  18. The THC infused sodas and fruit punches in Colorado make me have to shit after drinking them for whatever reason. Especially the OMG! brand drinks that come with a bonus lollipop. By the time I'm done drinking the bottle and start on the candy sucker, I'm pooping my ass off. Feelsgoodman
  19. I know when I get excited to smoke that when I have to poop first XD

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