is lst (bending) in containers harder....

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by budblower10, May 17, 2006.

  1. or is it the same concept. I guess the plant could be still died down to a rock on the ground or something. It just seems tougher cuz of the height of the bucket... also, have u fellas ever heard of training in a "S" shape. I know some1 has, can u explain this to me. I dont see how a plant can be trained to look like an "s". thanks alot
  2. I have had stems grown in an ´S´, got a good yield from the lady.
  3. how did u do it? pics, explanations....anything,. thanks
  4. I think its just the way the wind blows it cause when the wind blows the plant around it builds up the stem.
  5. I like to grow mine in a "swirly" configuration. I wrap the main stem around the edge of the container and then train all the branches.

  6. It actually happened accidentally - the plant got battered down by heavy rain when it was small and the stem had a permanent S - shaped kink at the bottom.

    But I do routinely tie my girls down, it helps the yield, makes every branch try to act like the main cola. I just tie the top of the plant to a brick with garden twine - I grow in pots which are heavy, keeps them from tipping over.
    Here is one from last year - got about 12 ounces of dried bud off of her. She is leaning to the right.
  7. thanks alot, thats beautiful
  8. I prefer christmas tree shape,,,nature knows best.
  9. well, in "Nature" you would have pollinated plants and lots of seeds and fewer buds. If that's how you like your weed, then I guess nature DOES know best.
  10. You went to no mans land on that one dude. We all understand the elimination of males for sensi is paramount. Anybody that grows, especially indoors will tell you they are trying to "copy" nature.

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