Is LSD sacred?

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    Found here:

    Feel free to post anything about the value of this substance to humanity. :)
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  2. [ame=""]YouTube - IRON BUTTERFLY[/ame]
  3. I believe LSD was discovered at a very critical point in our time and was/is very necessary for our conscious evolution.
  4. So who wrote that article

  5. Jesus.
  6. I dont think its sacred but it can definately be used in a spiritual manner, and help you learn things about yourself and others that you would never have known before hand. It could definately be used to bring about world peace, IMHO..... only if everyone used it.
  7. wow, way too much to read high. Can someone summarize it please?

    Prior to blazing I thought drugs were bad mmmkay? Afterwards, Buddha, Salvia, and Exctasy, Coccaine, have me convinced drugs are sacred (maybe not coccaine so much) but for the very reason that they endow an alteration of perspective which can be achieved, previously inconcievable.

    Now, whether these perspectives are valid is dependant on what the content of your conciousness is and whether its coherent for constructive insight...ideally able to be implemented into ones life for greater efficiency of living know? dontcha think so? eeeeeeeeh heeeeeee heeeeeeeeeeeh *hyperventilates, passes out*

  8. Check the link at the bottom of the OP. It's from another forum, but I figured it was relevant here. :)
  9. Any drug could be considered sacred; even Tylenol if you want to be technical about it. It's all a matter of personal opinion.
  10. I have know comment.:hide:
  11. Shrooms are sacred. LSD is revolutionary.
  12. Are those characteristics mutually exclusive?
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    In my opinion, LSD is what you make of it
    -Self discovery.
    -Spirtural purposes
    -Just to get fucked up and see shit.

    Mine would be somewhere inbetween self discovery, and spirutal i guess. And thats sacred to me.

    Def. subjective.

    But not as sacred as DMT =D
  14. i would say that those who hold the substance, it's distribution and it's experience as something sacred are on the right path. there's a reason it comes for free or very cheap in some circles.

    i once ran into a man who i think was probably involved with the family. we shared a beautiful and incredibly bizarre moment. i was on the ground at phil & friends, jackie greene was threatening to tear my face off if i didn't surrender to the vibrations and a very weathered peculiar older gentlemen walked up to me and for awhile we just gazed into each others eyes. it was the type of understanding that comes without words, and after a very long moment he just started to make the silliest faces at me lol. we both did for a little while and had a great laugh before he tossed a glow stick into my lap and was off to make more memories. i remember thinking to myself, there's a man who lives a lifetime in each moment. i'll never forget that. i learned a lot from that show. :D
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  15. Holy shit.
  16. interesting. family acid is the only kind you ever wanna fuck with. fluff is godly.

    anywho, id say the LSD experience is sacred. the chemical is just the result of a lucky and beautiful accident.
  17. How do you know this?
  18. i wouldnt say sacred but it can be used spiritually

    magic mushrooms are prolly more sacred just cause the fact that theyre natural and they grow from the earth....lsd is made in a lab.....ive never seen a tree or plant with blotters growin from it although that would be awesome

    its all just opinion and how the individual uses it

    if some person out there just wants to get fucked up and see shit instead of use it for mind expanding effects then is it sacred at all....not really
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  20. thats true but ergot is a get ergot poisoning from ingesting wheat that has sat in a granary (middle ages i remind you) for a certain amount of gives you diarhea, hallucinations (i think weve figured that out) vomiting and some people went insane from it

    lsd is synthesized from ergot and you obviously dont get the effects like diarhea and vomiting

    it does occur in nature in morning glory seeds though as lysergic acid amide instead of lysergic acid diethylamide but you still get the least some people do....lsd was synthesized before we found out about morning glory seeds also

    sorry if i seemed like a dick in that but i wasnt trying too

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