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Is lower percent Isopropyl Alcohol safe to clean with?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by dennisrr, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Just as the title says. Is lower percent Isopropyl Alcohol safe to clean with?
    I got 70% layin around at my house and I'm tryin to clean my piece.

    It says 70% Isopropyl Alcohol with citrus and glycerin

    I'm just wonderin if it's safe to use.
  2. It's safe. It will just be not as good at removing resin.
  3. Yeah it's safe, but lke gumbo said, it doesn't do the job quite as well. But with experience, 70% seemed to work pretty damn well for me.
  4. Thanks ya'll.
    Gon clean my piece and toke up soon as it dries.
  5. Yup, it'll work just fine.

    I used 70% for cleaning my pieces and even for making QWISO for a while, because I couldn't find anywhere that had 90+%.

    You said it has citrus in the ingredients, though? You might want to rinse it extra well to make sure there's no citrus-y fumes left over.

    You may also want to use more salt in your cleaning solution. :smoking:
  6. depends what kind of piece you have acrylic then no. glass and metal and clay etc yes.
  7. 70 will work fine.
    I've used it before.

    What you should do with your pipe is put it in a ziplock baggie with a tablespoon of KOSHER salt. Not table iodized fine salt, it needs to be coarse (sea salt works great too if you got something against doin it kosher, lol) Swish the bag around for 1-2 mins, depending on how much build up you got in your pipe your liquid will turn an unpleasent color of brown, that might make you second guess smoking.

    Let the bag sit in the sink (incase the alcohol eats the plastic and starts to leak) for 10-15 mins, then run the pipe under for water for 2-3 mins, take a qtip, dip it in fresh alcohol and wipe away any remaining residue.

    After that I usually clean my pieces with some dish washing soap, dry them out and then proceed to hit the pipe and forget why I thought about stopping with the smoke.

    Trust me, the qtip and the dish washing soap clean the pipe so great you'll think it was brand fucking new. Glass, brass, clay pieces are no match for the kosher/isopropyl mix.

    Oh if you got a brass pipe, break it down, unscrew each part it'll make cleaning alot easier.

    Enjoy your sparkly new again pipe.
  8. If you're not worried about the smell and have a glass pan, I'd suggest boiling it instead. But make sure you put the pipe in the water before it starts to boil so the glass can heat up with the water. Otherwise it'll break.

    From then I would use the alcohol and q-tips to get what may be left. :]
  9. simple green!
  10. +1 for this advice.
  11. regardless, boiling your pipe is a horrible idea. The heat makes it fragile and it slowly vibrates and moves arround as its being boiled and eventually it will crack. When you can just buy a bottle of 91% alcohol and the cheapest salt u can find and a ziplock and clean your pipe way better(more fficient and does a better job)

  12. Not one of my pipes have ever broke, and we boil them fairly often. I'm pretty sure it just has to do with the technique. Obviously if your pipe is super thin glass then this wouldn't be a good idea. Otherwise, it's fine just don't be stupid and put the pipe in the water after it boils. :p
  13. The reason glass (tempered or not) runs the chance of shattering if you put it in boiling water, is the shock of the tempurature change. (put flaming hot glass under cold water and watch it shatter, due to the contraction/expanding due to the temp change.)

    hey Green Lady, I got a ? for ya. I never boil my glass because I am under the assumption that the pot that you boil in, will end up with resin/gunk/shit all over your pan and it'll be hard if not impossible to clean it off completely. no? I mean I know there's not much brillo can't take out, but do you use just any pot to boil in and use it as well to cook food in?
  14. You want to use salt and alcohol. 70% works, and 90% works better. Takes about 5 minutes to turn a gross, tar filled piece into a pipe that looks like the day you bought it. Simple green is another good option, but IMO alcohol and salt is the only thing you need.
  15. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol?

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