Is light too hot/powerful for my seedlings?

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    Im running a 600watt hps (Not air cooled) in a 1.2x1.2x2m grow tent.

    I have a 4" extractor to the room & 4" intake from outside, but im looking to upgrade to a 5/6" extractor next weekend as I haven't achieved negative pressure.

    The temps get around 24c in there at GROUND level.
    Is this ok for seedlings? As in freshly sprouted seedlings..around an inch and a quarter tall.

    Sorry if I sound ignorant! Im new to this and started off way too early..Lesson learned!

    Any help is appreciated.

    EDIT: The small leaves out of the 4 (Not sure which they are) are curling in slightly at the sides, is this a problem? I've looked on the web but can't find much.. maybe over watering?
  2. I prefer to start off with fluorescents when I do seedlings.
  3. Hey man I have never grown before but plan to within the month. That being said I might not be the most knowledgeable or experienced, but I hope I can help! As for tempature where you are at right now seems to be well within the "safe" range. What is the humidity in the room/tent?
    Also how far away is the light from the seedlings? As for the ground temps I have no idea.. but you could put some reflective material on the floor to keep the temp down!
    As for over watering curling/drooping of the ends of the leaves will often be the first signs to show, the next being yellowing and signs of nutrient deficiencies. The leaves will curl down to the stem when being over watered. AGAIN NONE OF THIS INFORMATION IS FROM HANDS ON EXPERIENCE BUT RATHER FROM A SHIT TON OF THREADS, POSTS AND ARTICLES.. hope I could help!

    Oh one more thing make sure you have enough drainage in your soil so this doesn't happen again! Cheers mate and good luck!
  4. Yeah from what I have heard CFL and T5s work pretty well and are fairly inexpensive, at least for what they can do... I just bought a 8bulb 4ft T5 for the veg room I'm making and I can't wait!
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  5. Yo man, I'm not sure on the humidity in there at the moment as I'm still waiting on my reader! The light is about 4ft away from them, which worries me as they get bigger they'll be getting hotter. The light is also as high as it can go.

    I haven't watered them with any nutes yet, just tap water as I read somewhere they don't need it until they're a couple weeks old, I'll just leave them for a couple days without watering and see how that goes...the soil isn't really dry right now. Im also using coco coir soil so I should have good drainage!

    Goodluck to you too man! Cheers
  6. Do they give off any heat? My grow tent might my cold if they dont.
  7. Sounds good man, best of luck. Wish I could help more!
  8. They don't give off that much heat. From what I've heard the bigger 4ft T5's like the 8 and 12 bulbs get a little warm.. but they aren't too hard to manage with fans.

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