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is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Oct 29, 2003.


Is It Worth It?

  1. Hell Yeah... That Movie's Wacked!

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  2. Nah... No Movie's Worth $60

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  3. Whatever You Want... It's Your Money...

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  4. Haven't Seen It

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  1. i'm contemplating buying the movie Terror Toons... but the thing is... it costs $60. has anyone else out there seen it? if so, do you think it's worth it? it's out of print, and definately the most wacked movie i've ever seen... but i don't know if i want to dish out all that dough for it.

    if you haven't seen it i highly recommend you go to Blockbuster, rent Terror Toons, eat a couple hits (like 2 or 3), and watch it... then tell me what you think...

    so i ask again... if anyone has seen this movie... is it worth $60 to own?
  2. i haven't seen it ..
  3. i haven't heard of it.
  4. If they got it at blockbusted just tape it vcr to vcr. or if you don't have 2 vcr's just steal it or never return it. After like a month you will probably owe them $20. That is unless they try to make you pay crazy late fees. Just go in the day its due back and say you lost it but will gladly pay $15-20 for it.
  5. Blockbuster would charge the full $60 for it. and i don't want a copy of it... i want the movie, the box, etc... ya know? it's sort of a bragging right. if you think i'm nuts, go rent the movie. watch it stoned at least... if you want the full affect, watch it tripping face :D

  6. Oh I know exactly what you mean. Me and some friends caught the end of some insane cartoon when we got back inside after smoking. I would give my left nut just to find out thee name of that cartoon, let alone a place to buy it. It's really hard to describe what I saw but I'll try(also, this was like 4 years ago). All I can rmember really was things transforming into other things. It was a very dark cartoon and things would come closer and get bigger. Then they would zoom in and all of the sudden become something else. I have no idea what the plot was but it was like a virtual lsd trip. Coolest thing I have ever seen in my life, hands down. Sorry for the terrible explanation.
  7. What are you talking about? Its on for 23 Dollars on DVD...
    Where are you geting it for 60? It came out in 2002 It says

  8. lol, i was told it would cost $60, and that it was outta print... hmmm... it seems if i've been lied to :D

  9. hey thccrystals, that type of animation is called abstract animation i believe. there have been many made in that genre, but if u ask around the right places or do some searchin online u'll prolly be able to find a lot about it.
    but ya abstract animation is the shit. it just never ends and things keep morphing into other things.
    if u guys duno what im talking about, i think there was an example of it in the movie dumbo. i dont remember the scene exactly but i think dumbo was dreaming and everything's in weird colors and it all keeps morphing around. real trippy
  10. I watched it. extremely drunk, but I remember all of it. I can't say I liked it. it just seemed really low quality.

    If you're looking for a fucked up movie, well terror toons is fucked up. but for $60?! I wouldn't waste my money.

    maybe i just need to get high/trip and watch it. now if only i could...

  11. Cool man, thank you. I will look into this more!
  12. never seen it

    fantastic planet. all i could ever find it in was subtitles, so i finally caved and bought it...
    the animation is old, but it's still pretty trippy, and there are wierd sounds throughout the whole movie
    watch it stoned or tripping for the full effects.

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