Is it weird if one testicle..

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  1. bigger than the other two?

  2. Completely normal. In fact, having 3 testicles is a blessing.
  3. i have about 5 of them and produce a pint
  4. I only have one testicle :confused: :mad: :(
  5. My mom works with a baby who has a hole for his dick and only 1 ball so I think you'll be fine with 3...
  6. normal, usually anything on the right side of the body is bigger
  7. I fucking love my left nut.
  8. Like mentioned above, it's normal.
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    orchiectomy keeps coming up...

    Surgical Management of Polyorchidism in a Patient With Fertility Problems -- Pomara et al. 24 (4): 497 -- Journal of Andrology

    Pink Floyd 1974 tour programme at
  10. If you can imagine it, chances are there is someone afflicted with it...

    Besides, three balls makes you a third more of a man :cool:
  11. Ever sit down on your nut and lose it in your inner groin? Shit's scary man. I spent 10 minutes trying to find my nut once

    edit: in b4 poorly thought out "small balls" joke
  12. I think you got more ballz than me.
  13. hahahahahahahahahahahah

    I just showed this to everyone I work with.

    U guys are funny...
  14. I laughed real hard at this.
  15. My man, you've got balls making a thread like this.
  16. Normal.

    inb4 ur gay 4 ultrasound.

    I had an ultrasound done twice on my left nut when I was in 8th grade and 9th grade, they found some kind of like, liquid my sack..and said that this is normal for young men.
  17. That's hilarious lol
  18. My right ball is bigger then the left :cool:

    I had a doctor physical and the Doc checked my junk. He told me that my right ball was bigger than my left. I told him I all ready knew that LOL
  19. as long as your penis and vagina are not touching, I'd say its fine.
  20. :confused::confused:

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