Is it weird for guys to text smileys

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  1. What up blades
    Straight up is it weird for guys to texts girls smileys? When I do it (very rarely) I usually do it like this :] and not :) cause personally I think the first one is more masculine but idk if it really makes a difference. Reguardless, whats the general consensus on the subject.
  2. lol I was gonna come in here and say do whatever you want but then realized that I never text smileys just say haha or lol
  3. no I wouldn't think anything of it if a guy uses smileys tho.
  4. bitches love smilies.
  5. If your texting a girl it's fine, but I don't see any reason to be texting smileys to a dude if you're straight. But that's just me.Sent from my W100 using Tapatalk
    Yeah don't be fuckin texting your buddy one xD
  7. To me the fact you think texting smileys by a male is weird is weird in itself.

    Never heard of a masculine smiley til now.

    Learn somethin new everyday.
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    :] 8======D~~~ 
  9. Feels weird sometimes but i usually only text guys if i need something

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  10. Man code will allow the occasional use of a smiley, but only if it's to a female that you intend to have sexual relations with.
  11. Alrighty then
  12. Textin is nigga technology anyways..Sent from my iPhone using Hii Power
  13. Bitches love smileys
  14. aw sheeeeeeit beat me to it
  15. Lol, oh wow, i get it now....

    Only took me like 23 fuckin mins....jesus christ


    Spoiler alert: it's a penis. :laughing: 
  17. fair enough
  18. Lol, i knew that, but i was like, whyd she put a penis after a smiling face.....

    Then i realized i wrote masculine smiley and was like, oh duh.

    Just one of those days. Feels like a monday :D
  19. A well placed smiley after a sly sentence has gotten me more dates than if I hadn't placed said smiley (No I don't ask girls out over text. I woo them over text thanks)
    Just don't be obsessive about it. 
  20. Word! That's what I figured as well.

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