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Is it unusual?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Defmob, May 25, 2009.

  1. Is it unusual that I don't like the smell of weed?

    I don't mind the taste, and the coughing subsides after a few moments, but for some reason I don't like the smell (kind of makes me sick)

    Yes I'm incredibly new to smoking :)
  2. my girlfriend doesnt like the smell of weed, its not unusual, let the smell grow on you, is it the smell of the smoke or just the smell of the bud?
  3. More so the bud. But the smoke bothers me too.

    And when I get high I feel real sick but its worth it a few moments after that.
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    I love the smell of both bud and smoke, strange thing is I can't smell the smoke while im smoking, only when someone else is smoking around me.
  5. im like that 2. i cant really taste bud either i dont get why everyone says bud has a great taste i never really taste much when i smoke =/
  6. ur smokin the wrong kind of bud! :smoking: get some fruity smellin shit or some kotton candy kush.
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    The smell of the bud varies. I got some real nice shit just recently that smelled like blueberries. :)

    I don't think it's unusual, though, to find weed to smell bad. I've had some real nasty-smelling shit before.

    And it's definitely not unusual to not like the taste. The one part of smoking weed I don't like is the taste.
  8. Wow same with me, I never get much of a taste.

  9. same here
  10. So the smell should grow on me?
    And the intense coughing and sickness should subside over time?
  11. The coughing/sickness should definitely subside, and the smell/taste could grow on you, or it could not. Just sort of depends on you, really.
  12. Alright cool. I'll have to smoke a lot then to get my tolerance up! (get rid of that sickness and coughing.)
  13. well number 1 you really dont want your tolerance up lol its much better to have a low tolerance and once you get a high one youll wish you had a low one and it takes awhile to get a tolerance. the coughing and sickness has nothing to do with tolerence. after awhile you get sort of "iron lungs" where you can take smoke in your lungs and not be bothered and sooner or later you just dont get sick its just part of smoking anything
  14. I remember when I first encountered weed, then starting doing it.

    At first it was just a pungent smell I didn't mind, but the more I did it, the more I liked the smell.

    I was never offended by the smell, the only thing that smells bad is oregano after like 10seconds.
  15. If you get sick you should probably start out smoking a little less. And I don't really know what to tell you about the smell... other then get used to it, cause its all worth it :)
  16. You'll get used to the smell. I've loved the smell since I started smoking, but my wife still can't stand the smell. I love the smell of incense too, but she hates it. I don't really taste weed that much when I'm smoking, unless I'm using a vaporizer. The only time I can't stand the taste is when I'm using a bong and I take a huge hit and the smoke is so dense it is yellow, then it really tastes like shit.
  17. I'm sure you'll learn to love it. I remember once upon a time, not understanding how anyone could think it actually smells good. But now that I've smoked much more I think it smells delicious
  18. i dont see how you dont like the smell of sweet bud! i absolutly love it! if they made candles or incense in weed flavor, id buy the shit oughtta them!
  19. Smoke a cigarette and then smoke a joint. Then you will really notice that bud tastes amazing, and tobacco (imo) just tastes nasty.

    Ohh, and OP, ive always thought it smelled amazing, but even if you dont like it, give it time. Soon enough your brain will associate the smell of marijuana with that awesome high feeling, and your brain will start to tell you that that smell rocks.
  20. i have smoked many cigs in my life never got addicted tho but ive smoked a cig then weed or smoked weed then a cig and i noticed a bad taste with the cig but the weed smoke is just tasteless imo

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