Is it un-manly to cry?

Discussion in 'General' started by ADIV, May 15, 2011.

  1. Not over something stupid, like somebody calling you a scrub. We already know that's unmanly. I mean is it unmanly to cry over something sad? What do you think?:hello:
  2. I think letting your emotions out has more to do with your health than manhood.
  3. Not at all, when my close family passes away I can't help but cry.
  4. Sometimes I cry. I'm androgynous, like most people.
  5. I wailed like a banshee, when I pulled that little hair from my nostril,

    Thats the extent of my feminine side
  6. When my girl left me yesterday after 3 years, little over that I cried a bit..

    Feels TERRIBLE:(
  7. I don't think so, especially at funerals. I think it's almost disrespectful not to cry at a loved one's funeral.
  8. Forrest Gump gets me every time.
  9. i cried my eyes out when i tried shrooms:cry:
  10. I cried several times while watching The Notebook. *shrugs* I'm 19 now and life's too short to lie just to seem overly manly.
  11. Dude me too lol. I was having a house party and things were "way too fucking loud" so I punched the wall, ran downstairs, and bawled for like an hour. Then a hott chick came down and talked to me so I got better haha.

    Cry when you wanna cry. Just don't be a bitch if someone pisses in your Cheerios or some shit.

  12. I think different people process emotions differently. Some people aren't able to understand sadness or loss until it actually sinks in. Everything around them pertaining to the event doesn't seem real, not just because they're living in a state of denial, but because the emotions are so intense and confusing they are easier to ignore rather than face.

    Its futile though, because you can't run from emotions. They'll find you, they just take their time every once in a while.
  13. I'm a dude, I bottled up my emotions for a long, long time, and it almost ended up costing me dearly. There is nothing wrong with a man crying. Crying is not inherently feminine, it's human.

  14. Just like there's nothing wrong with rage bursts from time to time.;)
  15. nooo it isnt unmanly try it sometime
  16. I've cried quite a bit this last year, my grandma died, then my aunt, then my friend (who was 18) , after that my cat died, and just last week a family friend. It just seems like everything is crashing down around me.
  17. Man I was watching the last episode of Six Feet Under last night and I cried lol. Maybe my favorite series of all time
  18. Sometimes i try to cry but all i can get is barely one tear out. I think it would feel good to cry...its been a while
  19. there is no un-manly. Only masculine and feminine.

    No it isn't strictly feminine to cry. Men cry all the time. But it better be a legitimate reason or you ARE a pussy.
  20. as long as you don't pout and whine. tears are uncontrollable when you're really emotional.

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