is it too late?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by la vie demain, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. hey grass city! so i just ordered lowryder from nirvana and i was wondering if its too late for me to plant and still get a good amount of harvest from it. the site said its a very fast grower with only about 45 days flowering period
  2. It'll do fine, This is a great time to plant Lowryders.
  3. awesome! thank you!:hello:
  4. i also got some short rider... i dont know the difference between the 2, would it still be wise to plant them too?
  5. Is it too late for me to have transgender replacement surgery........... I THINK NOT!
  6. haha i want to see pics of that!
  7. Still a good time to plant the Short Rider too, They shouldnt finish up much later
  8. ah thank you again for the info, looking forward to growing some dank babies haha.
  9. Well i charge by the picture, but i like how your face looks, so ill give you a discount.
  10. haha hopefully you dont know what i look like that would be weird :eek:. i just bought ak 48 fem seeds too, hopefully they work out with the ryders
  11. Im sitting out your window right now boy.........., jkkkkk, but ak 48 are pretty good, their nirvanas twist on ak 47
  12. I live in Florida so does that mean i can pretty much grow year round without any noticeable problems?

    and get away from my window you creeper haha
  13. Yea, just check the frost dates of florida (if there is any)
  14. haha we have not had snow since i was a very young. :D i think the year was like 1985 or something.
  15. Get em in the ground!
  16. they gotta get here first >.< and i already got 3 growing!
  17. hey guys ive been looking into the ak 48 i bought and everywhere i look it says to grow indoors, but that isnt an option for me, so will they be fine outdoors aka will the yield still be around 300-500g?
  18. When is it officially too late to plant? A friend asked me the other day and I had no ides what to tell him.
  19. Not if you are planting this late.

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