Is it too late to start autoflowering?

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  1. Im located in London and heard its too late to start growing "normal" cannabis plants, so I done a bit of research and found out about autoflowering, I can get my seeds by tommorow from just feminized, a guide would be greatly appreciated :) I also plan on growing indica (trying to get kush), yes Im kinda high now so sorry for sounding stupid or rambling :smoke:
  2. you need 4 months for a big auto so it would be kind of late now. It could pâss at 3 and 1/2 months i you choose a quicker auto (3 months)
  3. Stoned. yo man. Your too late for the UK man. It would be a waste of money on seeds. And getting mold resistant auto is hard work which you will need for our climate.

    My advise is to start planning next year. Get your patch/garden dug mulched and fertilized. Read read and more reading on how to do it properly.

    Also check my thread in Sig for advice, help, potential problems etc....

  4. Hmm thanks, I heard the earliest is to start autoflowering seeds could be early august, please note these are autoflowering so they usually take around 8 weeks, not even 3 months
  5. No even smaller autos do not finish from A to Z in 8 weeks cause it takes time to mature as well
    big autos take 4 months for a long veg time and long flowering time
    have you ever grown pot?
  6. Nah I havent grown pot ever before but on the seeds websites it usually says 8 weeks, I really want to grow because I reaaaallly hate wasting my money to buy weed from people who dont know the strains
  7. Hmm, please take a look at this link CAn autoflowering plants grow outside this guy says you can autoflower whenever but the yield is better during certain times, I dont mind a low yield as long as I can grow now
  8. Look stoned. Take our advice we are experienced growers. The weather won't allow you to finish. 3 months is for indoor in optimum conditions. In reality outdoor in the UK we never get optimum I know a guy who has been growing an auto for 135 days and its still not finished. I myself picked fast finishers, planted mid April got the best of the UK weather and they are not finished. It's too late! When the weather drops below 10c on a regular basis over night they will stop growing. I supose its possible if you had a heated greenhouse with full sun all day but the likelyhood of getting any yeild at all is still very small. Your only option in my semi expert opinion is to buy a grow tent or case and do an indoor grow.
  9. Also the thread you link to is for people growing in the southern USA where, and it even says this, is doesn't get cold!
  10. Thanks man, Im considering the indoor idea, could you please tell me more about it, I cant grow inside my house but I could put it in a deserted area near so is it possible?
  11. Excellent points dantheman about 8 weeks being for indoors under 24 hours of light. Stoned42 is honest. However, even autos need good temps, and do much better when started in Spring and harvested in mid Summer, or started in early Summer and harvested in September. because the light isn't as strong now and it'll be too cold and wet esp. in the UK. Plus, you need a good sunny guerilla spot you may not have (autos like non autos need lots of sun to get big and to mature well).
  12. Hmm so I suggest you would suggest I grow indoor type?
  13. ^Forget that "I suggest"
  14. yes that what he suggested
  15. yh, is there a possible way to do this, grow outdoors but in a box or something with some cheap artificial lighting
  16. no you can't have electric lights outdoors
    but you can start outdoors (in a greenhouse or just outdoors) and finish indoors or in a greenhouse (too cold and rainy) but you'd need to get a greenhouse and manage the humidity/bugs in there.
    do you have a sunny grow spot you scouted out (with nearby water to tend to them?).
    plants started in the summer will be a choice target for critters as they'll be the only seedlings out there (tender). Use slug bait if you do start them now.
    1st thing is having a sunny secluded spot, do you have it?
  17. Im kinda poor (only cause Im in university), I dont really want to bother to buy too many products, I dont have a greenhouse but your grow idea sounds intresting, if I do it like start growing straight in the earth outside when should I bring my girls indoors and could I use a simple light with batteries and a cardboard box haha I like to keep it simple
  18. you don't start seedlings straight in the earth (eaten up, killed by bugs, wind, rain)
    do you know your soil mix?
    do you know your nutrients?
    do you have a spot?
    do you have a way to bring the plants in when rain/wind comes?
    do you know how to grow indoors?
    also the time is not right to start as we explained above
    read up and save up for next year imo
  19. Right so heres my plan I need to get a portable grow lamp for cheap (links appreciated), cardboard box, water, autoflowering seeds and yh thats it so heres the steps of 2 plans tell me which ones better
    Oh first heres my info
    -I live in London UK
    -Im ordering of herbies
    -Its indica auto seeds

    Steps of plan 1
    -Germinate seeds
    -Plant seeds in earths soil (in a park, yes I know the risks!!!!!!)
    -Let seeds grow until the weather starts going bad
    -When weather starts going bad Ill put the portable lamp in the cardboard box over the plant
    -Let it grow
    -Smoke the herb

    Steps of plan 2
    -Germinate seeds
    -Plant seeds in earths soil (in a park, yes I know the risks!!!!!!)
    -Put the portable lamp in the cardboard box over the plant (regardless of the weather, start this immediatly)
    -Let it grow
    -Smoke the herb

    I think its fine to plant a seed straight in :L
  20. are you stoned, stoned?
    this won't work, i'm done here

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