Is it to late to plant in South Florida?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by richkim, Oct 17, 2003.

  1. since we have a "year round" warm? ;] please, no grow indoors suggestions because i honestly have NO way of doing it.

  2. i would have to say it goes more so by hours of daylight, than temp........Peace out........Sid
  3. thanks. i've come to the conclusion i have to let them veg indoors for awhile and then i can put them outside. so im going to look into that.

  4. Na actually you can... your plants will only grow a foot high which isnt bad its just like in Hawai where they grow all year around no matter what day or time...

  5. that'd be great since its mainly for me, my girl and a few friends. back to plan A.........

    anything i should take note off? or just plant and water? or do i need to go the extra mile with soil mixes and what not?
  6. grow them outside now, just buy a 70w-150w hps security light from home depot and put it on your house near the plants so they get some of the light. Have it on from an hour before sundown for another 3-5 hours or whatever it takes to keep it out of flower mode. You dont need the light to be setup for maximim litinghing, all you need is something to make it think its day.

    Come late winter you can turn the lights off and it should go into flower all by itself. Harvest and leave some buds fo it to continue to grow from so it can go back into veg mode for the summer and flower angin in the fall. if you take allot of buds off and only leave a bit to re veg take a cerated knife and stab it into the pot about 1" from teh side and cut all around to reduce the live root mass. This is so the plant dosent die on you after removing so much foliage. Its kinda like bonzai but your soil mass will most likely be way to big to take out of the pot and trim the roots. if oyu going in the ground just take a shovel and stab all around each plant about 8" away.

    For such a long grow, organics is a must, otherwise the ferts would build up allot over time. Esspecialy if you plan on having a continuous grow. Grow in pots till you know the sexes, then set up a nice garden plot in spring with some manure, lime, vermiculite, blood meal, bone meal and some rock phosphate.

    Soil mizes arent needed, weed is a weed and can do well in extremly under-optimal conditions. But give it evertying it wants and needs and it will grow amazingly.
  7. If you live below the freeze line south of Tampa, you can grow all year but this time of year they won't grow very much due to the short days. They will pop up a foot or two and then flower out, then next spring they may rebound.
  8. read my idea above
  9. thanks for all the advice. i ordered about 50 seeds so im going to take my chances and just plant 2 to 4 from each pack and see how it goes cause i'm not really trying to get a large plant due to the fact that its gonna be in a "garden" and i dont want the pants to grow anywhere near the top of the wall.
  10. plant late in the season with clones and do a small SOG. plant small 6" clones in early-mid august.
  11. i apologize about pic size. my camera and i cant take pictures.
  12. Looking good! :D How many seeds did you plant? This is bagseed? Ok so your better off leaving them as moms. To keep them small leave them in pots planted in the ground. Plant some other plants around them. Have a security light near it on your house, but do it in an area of the yard where the light wont reach the garden... still with me :D When these plants get bigger top or trin them to get al bushey. After the moms are a few weeks old, take clones and put a few of them spread out in your garden or in a patch is you have some balls, or if you have faith that no one ever comes in your back yard and sees it.
  13. i pot planted 4 seeds (nirvana. cali orange, blue mystic, mystic & mango).

    we have one of those atriums and i was thinking about putting them in there but i know the direct sunlight would be very minimal compared to an open field. would that affect the plants or do plants just feed off "light" in general. if this is the case then i'll have no problems because the wall is about 7 or 8 feet tall and covers about 20 to 30 feet of the corner of my house.

    im with you so far. heh. do you think it'd be better to put the pots in the ground and when? i was thinking about taking care of them indoors then transplanting and starting some more seeds inside with the same pots. and just keep that cycle. pots... outside... reefer! ;] because this is my first grow so i wasnt really in depth with feminizing the plants and what not so for me its pretty much a 50/50 chance i'll have boys or girls. so i want to just get as many growing as possible before the really cold weather comes(70 degrees. burrrrr.)

    im still learning about cloning so by the next time i have pics and you suggest it. i should be able to do it.

    i appreciate all your help. im tired of buying shit weed and thanks to you i hopefully wont ever have to again!

  14. If your willing to do an indoor veg setup that would be great. in a week or two bring them inside and veg them to maturity then take clones root them, let them veg abit then pu them outside when they are anywhere from 8"-2' depending on how you wnat to grow them. you can even set it up to be a constat harvest setup by stagering when you put out plants, basicly all you need to do is put one plant out a week and after teh first 7-10 weeks when the first plant is ready to harvest from then on you will harvest once a week. Clones put out at about 6" tall and finish about 10-13" should get you anywhere from 1/8-1/4 oz. wich should supply you with more then enough weed for personal use. you can always play with this system by mabey using more plants per batch (not good if you get cought because the charges go by plant count) or you can let them veg a bit more. This would only work during fall to spring because any plant put out in the summer will just veg. just leave thmout in the open they dont need to be an anything wiht your locations temps and humidity.
  15. How are they doing?
  16. the stem broke on one so i replanted it outside to see if it would completely die or regenerate. the others are still growing and i'm going to take some more pics today as soon as i get batteries in the camera. i have them all outside now and planted two more seeds last night.
  17. its not looking to good. i'm down to one plant because i just tried to replant one of the others and it died. wont be transplanting anymore. lemme ask two questions. what would cause the leaves tips to turn brown(edges look burnt) and how often and how much water is needed? i think i'm over watering because the soil is drenched top to bottom like swampland.

  18. Did you use any ferts? why are you having problems with transplanting? dig a hole or get a bigger pot put a layer of loose soil at the bottom. Turn the plant upside down with the stem between your middle and ring fingers then tap the bottom till the rootball comes out. put in the new hole or pot and put soil around and water.

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