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    Well, I think my dogs time in the physical world is expiring. She is 15, and nearly blind and fully deaf. She cannot control her bladder, to the point where she doesn't even attempt to be let outside... All she does all day is sleeps in one of two spots, barely even acknowleding me when I go to pet her. I'm pretty sure she's in a lot of pain as she pants nonstop, even when inside at 70 degrees. I read somewhere this is a sign that a dog is in pain...
    Anyways, I don't know what to do. I obviously don't want my dog to go, but I also don't want to keep her in suffering just so I can prolong the inevitable. I'm at a loss.
    Have any of you had to put a pet down? How did you make the decision? It's honestly to the point where she's on the floor and I have to wake her up to make sure she's still alive, it's so sad

  2. I have done this way too many times sadly but yeah mate your dog's time is up. My last dog was the same way he didn't move for like three days but as if he wanted to make us happy one last time the day of the deed he was lively as if to say one last goodbye. Still chokes me up I can't imagine what I will feel about my next dog though as this is the first one I have known since puppyhood. 
    Wow I started to cry just typing that sentence, but, yeah man as tough as it is it sounds like it's your dog's time to go. I know you won't believe this but you are blessed I wish my dogs would have made it until they were 15. Stay strong man don't let this keep you down for too long it's harmful think of all of the great memories you and it had. I'm sure the number is countless given it's life span.
    Again stay strong brother I know how tough it is. :good vibes: your way. 
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    D: I'm so sorry about your dog, but it sounds like its her time to go. I had a Great Dane mastiff who had liver problems ): I hated seeing her laying around panting all miserable so we put her down. It was devastating, but it's whats best for them. Stay strong for her.
  4. I came home tuesday this week to find my dog in pain and struggling to move, instantly call the vet and they said i had to be there in 5 minutes or I'd have to go the next city over for the emergency vet so i fucking picked him up and ran my ass to the car. Get there and they took blood work and i took him to get an ultrasound the next day, turns out he has a tumor on his spleen and he had a tumor pop causing him that pain, luckily he didn't bleed out, but with the tumor on his spleen any blow to the stomach hard enough could pop it. My family is trying to figure if we should put him down, or let him live till his quality of life is significantly effected, currently he's back to him self, dog is 14 years old and still a puppy, I've had him since i was 4/5 :/ he was my best friend through everything, the shitty highschool experience, girl drama, parents fighting. He's honestly my closest friend, I've protected him from my dad who hated him and used to kick him around, I remember i woke up one morning when i was like 16 and all I heard was a squeal I run down to the basement and tell my dog to run upstairs my dad went to chase after him but i shoved his ass back and told him if he laid another finger on him I'd beat the fuck out of him. I was quite scared being 16 and standing up to my dad for one of the first times. He left him alone after that. I don't let him in the basement anymore incase he falls down the stairs so to let him out i have to walk him and we've been going on walks like 4/5 times a day and everytime i grab that leash he runs in circles and jumps around. Man I love him, I don't know what to do, all I know is I'm going to miss the fuck out of him :/
  5. I had a small dog who was an asshole since we adopted him. Over the years we bonded.

    It was weird, because the night he died I woke up at 4 am and went to the laundry room (where we kept him) and slept next to his bed, something I've never done before. Woke up and it was dead from old age. It was like a sixth sense or something.

    Pretty sad
  6. If she can't contoll her blatter and sleeps in her own pee other than that let her ride ands pet the shit outa her

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  7. It'll be one of the hardest things you'll ever have to do, but it's the right thing to do, dude. That doesn't sound like any kind of life for an animal. However hard it is, I think you have to just stay goodbye and have a couple more days with her.
  8. Close to same happened with my dog. Had her since i was 5 as a puppy. We grew up together. Once i moved out she kind of just gave up on life. My parents put her down without even telling me :cry:

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