Is it time to top my hulkberry auto? Nearly 3 week old

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  1. Hey guys, this is how my hulkberry auto looks like! It is my first grow and I am thinking about topping. I am a bit anxious about it as I am doing it for the first time. Should I cut the highest and newest nod at the top? Thank you!

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  2. I'm an autos-only grower who has tried all the fancy stuff, but who now just lets them grow the way they want.
    That's my advice, learn how the plants grow before trying anything else.
    But autos are very hardy, and can recover from a lot of cutting.
  3. Hear hear
  4. I don't think you want to top autos but I would wait for @Organic sinse to chime in, he'll tell you whats up.
  5. Topping autos is very, very common.
  6. Light lst for autos
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    i only train photos i grow autos outside along with photos the only topping and training i do are to my photos indoors in my tent. the only reason for topping is for duplicating bud sites. you can do this to photos taking an average of 2 weeks for the plant to recover and begin new growth. autos begin flowering a month or so in unless you are very educated in the plants life cycle per strain as some strains tend to flower sooner or later than others i wouldnt recommend topping your autoflower. the possibility of you hurting your yield increases as you would want to top when it just enters vegg state or maybe after the first week in order to allow for enough time for the plant to start new growth before starting the flowering stretch. autos only pull 4 or 5 ozs you cut your main top site thats a oz you wont get if its done incorrectly. vs just getting another oz if it does work.

    however if you would like to top it now is the time to do so. your grow top it and learn from it if youd like. I did and I'm sure plenty of others on here did as well.

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