Is it time to put these into flower?

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  1. Hey all, I'm at the beggining of week 9 from sprout. My plants are looking pretty good. How much more time until i should start flowering these? Obviously my goal is highest yield, but being somewhat time conscious as well.
    The first pic is Dr. Kripplings Incredible Bulk, the second pick is Barneys Bue Cheese. Both Indica Dominant
    IMG_20150125_210554_799.jpg IMG_20150125_210559_764.jpg IMG_20150125_210608_331.jpg IMG_20150125_210547_426.jpg
    Thanks all!

  2. What type and wattage lights are you running? I'd probably start flowering them ASAP unless you have a powerful light and tall grow room. Those girls are going to grow a ton in the beginning of flowering. Too big of a plant indoors is a waste unless you have the light to penetrate the lower branches.
  3. I would bend those top branches over to widen the plant first, but yeah you can flower now if you want 
  4. You can grow now or top them and make them bushier. :)
    600 Watt HPS(veg) & MH(flower)
    The tallest plant is 2 feet tall, the tent i believe is 4 feet tall. I figured if they ever got too tall during flower i could bend them over. I have plenty of horizntal room for these too grow. but i think i might take your suggestion and start flowering(going down by an hour of light a day until i'm at 12/12 unless others think i should wait a little longer.
  6. You have your bulbs twisted dude
  7. Unless you are dealing with a straight afghani or ruderalis hybrid you can count on at least a doubling of height...better flower now.
  8. Yep you're right. I just checked and i have it correct in the tent. I always mix up which bulb is for what.
    Cool, both Dr Kripplings incredible bulk & Barneys Blue cheese are heavily indica.
    Thanks for the tip, i will start flowering now.
    I know you have some good experience, do you suggest just going straight to 12/12 or work my way down to 12/12?
    You have a 600w HPS in a 4ft tent? Surely not? With a 2ft plant you must be at capacity already. You are going to have complications when flowering.
    As for flowering you just switch to 12/12, you don't need to step the hours down, doing this will just increase the chances of stressing the plants out 
  11. You were right again haha, i just measured.The tent is actually 5 feet tall. And i currently have a 600Watt MH in the tent.
    And i have had my plants surprinsginly close to the light(~8inches) and have had zero problems. I think the closeness of the light to the plant is a little over-stated. As long as there is sufficient ventalation/fans, it shouldnt burn the plant at this level.
    Thanks for the tips though! I'd like to hear others on the 12/12 issue. From just basic thinking, it seems to make more sense to work my way down. That's how it work in nature and would seemingly stress the plants less than just switching from 18/6 to 12/12.
    Stepping down the hours is more likely to stress the plant because for a number of days the plants is going to be borderline vegging/flowering . Just switch it straight to 12/12 so there is no confusion. Don't try to replicate nature, nature is cruel and harsh and is very far from perfect conditions
    Even at 5ft you are still going to have height problems. You should top or tie the plant down to give yourself some room. Do you have an air cooled hood? 
  13. hmm, some of that makes sense. & yes it is air cooled. I have my activated carbon connected to ducting connectding to my tube light, connected to a 6" fan, connected to exit ducting.
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    no need for " stepping down" I see what you are doing there by attempting to mimic the gradual seasonal change from summer to fall...but to be honest, most of us just go straight into 12/12 with no problems....give the gradual attempt another go when you have more powerful lighting and/ or a taller tent .....besides,your babies already are quite to do it now.
  15. I grow in a 5' tent. If you don't tie those down you're going to have problems, better to start now, then later. You need to remember a couple feet of that 5' is your container, your light, and the airspace between your light and plant. Look into scrog for your next grow, works well in a short tent and might be something to try. Plus its fun IMO. Straight into 12/12, they wont have a problem w/ it.
  16. Looks like a nice bush man gonna be crazy big buds 8 weeks from now :)

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