Is it time to give up?

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Give up?

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  1. The title says it all, my plant had been exposed to a ton of heat, some days where it was 100, I didn't have the thermometer yet so I had to clue. Here's pics from today, should I just start a new plant a scrap this one or is there still hope?

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  2. I would start fresh but u nevet know haha
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  3. It may take some time to recover, but these plants are so resilient. I had 2 plants about 9 weeks into veg lose 50% of there vegetation do to a 131 degree temperature spike in my grow room. They are now thriving. So don't give up yet.
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  4. JESUS MOTHER OF if it was the last plant on earth ...there is a way to save it...BUT it's not..SO..I would chalk it up as experience and start over...the time it takes to recover and become a plant again is way more than starting over and having healthy from the start...

    good luck and keep us posted

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  5. Thanks everyone for the replies. I think I need a few more opinions before I come to a decision
    This definitely gives me hope
  6. It can be saved but will take some time and care. Its up to you. If you got the time and patience.
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  7. i have the time lol but idk if it would just be smarter to start another plant
  8. Start another if you want but still don't give up on this one. Use it as a learning experience and nurse it back.
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  9. Probaly better to start a new one.
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  10. Here are 3 pics all of the same plant. March 10th 120 degrees in the grow room. Thought I fried it. May 19th , 131 degrees and lost 50% of the veg within a 4 day span after the temp spike. The leaves just kept dropping. And a couple days ago. Don't give up.

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  11. I don't think you should throw it out either. Personally, I'd stick it out. You may want to start another but I hope you decide to keep this one going tbh

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  12. I really don't wanna give up on it. I just don't wanna waste my time lol
  13. Any more opinions ? :love-mj:
  14. concentrate on another....but don't forget this get the best of both worlds like that!!


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  15. i agree with others ... i'd keep it and nurse it back. you'll probably learn a ton... and if you want, get another one going as well. maybe the new one will catch up/surpass the damaged one and you can make a decision what to do from there.
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  16. I want to start another but this plant is taking up all the space is my box lol
  17. if that's the case I would lean towards "another" since that one looks like it joined ISIS and got shot up...then burned alive...
    (joke) laugh...

    good luck and good grows

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  18. Lol so I'm about to start germinating another now, but Im going to keep this one going for as long as possible lol
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  19. Well, if you only have room for one, could u put the first plant outside when the new plant gets bigger?
  20. I wish but weed isn't legal yet where I live

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