is it time for a MILITARY start???

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should thier be a draft ??

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  1. no

  2. yes

  1. Cause making people serve in the military with different ideas about a war halfway around the world against their will makes them "weak minded". I just wish you could at least have a mind that could then be weak.
  2. Hey, you can relax dude, you don't have to go.
  3. well there is a lot connected to the military and what function it serves now

    considering we profiteer through war maybe the reason why army recruiters are mentioning that they are full is because there has not been a war on a massive scale, a world war per se.

    we have a military industrial complex to reflect the profit in war as we have seen before our economy thrive in war, as long as these weapons keep making money for these agencies even then the incentive for war will remain.

    there are two sides to war, the lowering of the population, the thriving of the economy
    then you have those that will return from war and bring home a trauma that will have to be dealt with as there are ramifications to engaging in a war

    a mandatory draft being needed though is always up for debate, whether we are biological predestined for war itself and so justify it in such a way...

    idk we rationalize everything we do as humans and as a society to validate that what we have done was worth it in value for what was invested...

    its all so delicate i think i rambled too much
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  4. We have conscription here, I got drafted, got to drive a lot of fun vehicles and freeze m'nuts off on the russian border.
    Conscription is good for national unity, and for wayward youth, and for the peace movement. Tend to get more involved in shutting wars down if you have a stake in them, instead of a volunteer mercenary force, to whom you have no connection, and to which submission to corporate interests becomes that much easier

    This breaks on the wheel of culture, though. I understand why a draft is a big no-no in America, and can respect it. It's just not without it's pros
  5. If America was peace loving like the Norweigiabs I don't think people would have to much of an issue.

    But when you're in stupid wars all the time ain't nobody want to lay their life down like that.
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  6. It's a very fair point

    Do you think - if there was a draft - there would be less stupid wars because people would put more effort into negating them? Obama got shut the f down on Syria (not that it ended well) for instance
  7. Probably not, people would get so high on their own patriotism they wouldn't be able to see the clouds.
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  8. There is no way that I could support the draft in the US. For starters we have a power hungry government that already has the highest funded and most powerful military in the world that is used as muscle to protect a select few economic interests. I personally lookout for myself and family first, friends second, community third, and maybe down at 20th or so I would put the government. Why would I be willing to go fight for the same government that arrested me 3 times for possessing a plant that I love? The same government that hasn't done me any good but has somehow managed to restrict my civil liberties. It doesn't make sense to me! If I were drafted than they would be lucky to get even 25% effort out of me and I'm sure that would be the case with many other draftees.

    If you want good soldiers than let the ones who actually want to be there go for it and give them excellent incentives to do so. Pay them a damn doctors salary at the minimum because they are risking their life, limiting their freedom, and working their asses off. If you want to herd people into forced enlistment and come out with a larger but less efficient army then you aren't looking at the bigger picture. I would rather place my trust in 15 dedicated soldiers than 100 who don't want to be there.
  9. Also OP don't blame millennials because that has become a seriously overused rhetorical response to things that don't have any actual bearing on reality. People have been dodging drafts for ages, people have been protesting wars and anything that they slightly disagree with for ages, and literally everything that people are blaming millennials for is just arbitrary stuff that every other generation has had a problem with. It is true that we are trying to do things differently in many cases and maybe we are subverting a lot of the traditional ways of doing things, but again, every single generation does this so you'll have to deal with it and move on with life. Better yet help us clean up the mess we've been left with by previous generations!
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  10. War is bad for our world. Should only be used as a last resort; life or death situations, self-defense.. 1776.. etc.

    Let's not try to solve the world's problems by Becoming the problem.
  11. How about fighting piracy?
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  12. What piracy? My piracy? lol
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  13. jack spasrrow.jpg
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  14. Not this day and age.

    I'm glad I got out when I did...soldiers these days are whiney babies.
  15. I say bring it on more soldiers will surely bring peace to the world.
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  16. If people aren't joining, they must not feel it is necessary.

    I will join if my country is in need of defense.

  17. I don't think there is any need for a draft. We have more than enough troops and armament to defend our country. What we need is to stop fucking with half the world just because the baby boomer generation has a chip on their shoulders. They are the ones that left millennials with the mess we have today.
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