is it time for a MILITARY start???

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should thier be a draft ??

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  1. no

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  1. This one is about to come to a head, nothing can be done to stop it.
    Little Kim needs to be Stopped by any means nesscessary , before it is too late.
    I'm afraid we are in it to the finish
    God Help Us All.
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  2. i firmlly think. that north korea has allready violated enough... united nations resolutions,,, to warrant a surprise attack.... and it will send a strong message to the rest of the world... about nations that want to venture to become a nuclear power,,, [ of which im shakky of INDIA and PAKISTAN having these weapons ]..

    we need to attack one country. and at the same time apply maximum force to the middle-east,, and be prepared for any country to join in assiting the enemy.... and have the draft ready to go. on a snap of a fingers notice,,

    if you know the '' cards '' are gonna fall.... might as well be the one that knocked them over, we have a man in office that aint afraid to strike n. korea.....and we now face this situation. because of our ex-presidents that did nothing but kick the can down the road, well theres no more road for that can.. it has hit the wall<-----

    i firmlly believe we can beat n. korea by air power alone, but the man has showed he aint no dummy. im sure he has just as much equipment tucked away in caves as he has out in the open< and once a country gets spread out on 2 fronts is when it's at it's weakest... i think a nation would attack us. and join the n. korea initiave,,

    just as japan joined germany in which time you can guarantee, a draft would be imminent,

    by the last firing of the N. KOREA missle after all the warnings and such, this last firing over japan. shows me that this dude... is ready and waiting for us to make the first move,,,,

    the world is getting spooky.
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  3. I agree
    The problem is not many remember what Real War is like. (wait until a missile of any kind hits the homeland with body count , than we shall see how many start screaming ("why hasn't Trump tried to stop this") I can see them now.
    When this one happens there will be no one holding any leashes and our Soldiers can do their job.
    Unlike when Obama was in office. ie: rules of engagement bullshit (tied everyone's hands)
  4. Nobody remembers what "Real war" is like, because the last time a country invaded "the homeland" was the War of 1812.
  5. Once again you missed my point, Has nothing to do with a homeland invasion .
    Just a full scale War none of the surgical strike shit.
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  6. And that's a good thing? Will there no more surgical strikes in a full scale war? Sounds like a waste of money to me
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  7. In lay-mans terms it means a shit load of civilians will die
  8. So it's better to mass-murder a bunch of people indiscriminately? Why is that better?

    I don't think that solves any of our problems.
  9. It is never a Good Thing
    So it is not better

  10. when the first nuclear bomb was dropped in japan. it killed a crap-load of civilian lives,,,,, but later results showed that by doing that and ending the war.. millions more were spared,

    there is no winning side to this coin when it's flipped, but as you can see.. N. KOREA wants the coin to be flipped... and the U.S. is hesitant to do so...

    we all know from current events on whats going on. i dont need to explain them,,, it will come to a head,,, i mean what if that dummy missle would have '' fizzled out '' over japan and landed on one of thier cities killing thousands,???? where would we be right now... days later,?

    the draft is coming,,,, if you plan on dodging it.. i'd suggest you leave NOW... because once in effect. it wont be so easy to cross the border's,,, top and bottom..

    so to some of you i say... do you have the ball's to step up and defend the homeland if called? or will you say '' i got health issues''

    and really think on that question<----------------
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  11. Imma pull a President "bone spur" Trump, plus I got a fishing pole, shotty, and a machete. Bring on the apocalypse.
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  12. Not according to this report made right after the war by the Secretary of War in 1946: United States Strategic Bombing Survey: Summary Report (Pacific War)

    I know where you're getting at, and I'm sure that moved the timetable up a bit. But it still took them a while to surrender.

    Honestly if a dummy missile fizzled over Japan then that would be Japan's problem.

    I'd live out in the woods and they can pry my rifle from my cold dead fingers before they make me follow some fresh college Lieutenant in a war to kill innocent people.
  13. but thats the delima we have with the UNITED NATIONS a attack on one is a attack on all<-----------
  14. you do realize that is a proper dq for military service right? there are many reasons someone would be exempt from service in the military including something as painful as bone spurs.
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  15. There is a very wide margin of severity when it comes to bone spurs. From only detectable from an x-ray, to painfully debilitating with visible protrusions. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Trump's own doctor submitted the bone spur diagnosis to the Army, rather then the Army doctors diagnosing him and determining he be disqualified from serving in the Vietnam War.
  16. I think he did have this condition, but even if he didn't I wouldn't hold it against him, or anybody else, for having found a way to avoid getting drafted during the Vietnam War.
  17. So, you're too old to draft, and you can't remember the draft for Vietnam (which was a war we had no right to be in, anyway) - but you are insisting we need a draft.

    I'm willing to bet you didn't fight in the Gulf, either (granted, that wasn't a draft, but I digress...)
  18. Hell no. Forcing people to do anything is antifreedom, which you say you fought for? I dont think you get what freedom is. Were over there based mostly on lies anyways, and its already dumb poor impressionable kids who are easily tricked enlisting already. You act like we live in a wartorn country, which we dont. THEY do. A country that WE tore apart by war over LIES. Maybe they wouldnt be so angry if we werent constantly bombing their families.

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  19. So you honestly think that if we went to war with North Korea, that Russia or China would have our backs, and also go to war? I mean they're in the United Nations too man.
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  20. I was in the first gulf war. Operation desert storm. We were pulled off of our WestPac to steam over to the gulf. We were also the first carrier to enter the gulf of Oman. Watching the stinger missile installations tracking us as we moved up and into the gulf, shit got real.

    My opinion is that not everyone is made for the military. Drafting a bunch of people who don't want to be there drags the moral of everyone else down with them. Case in point, Vietnam.

    It's far better to offer the proper incentive to get people to enlist. Fat sign on and re-elistment bonus work pretty well. I had to give up four years of my life but was offered job of my choice and A school, E-3 rank, 10,000$, duty station of my choice. The gulf war happened by chance durring my enlistment and wouldn't have changed my mind aside from my chosen profession.

    More then those incentives you get medical for life. You get an amazing fucking home loan (3.25% w/ zero down), pay little to no property tax (we pay 100$ every 6 months vs the 6,000$ For the year we would have had to pay), you get the G.I. Bill which paid me 900$ a month to go to college, the life long brothers, friends and business associates that last for the rest of your life.

    The military made me the man I am. It taught me self respect, maturity, to stand up for myself and to hold my ground. THE most important piece of wisdom the Navy bestowed upon me, with the proper motivation all things are possible... Even the impossible.

    Some of the impossible was possible ONLY because of the men I worked with. I'm not sure bolstering the ranks of our military with people who don't want to be there will get the level of "fuck you", blood, sweat and perseverance to get the impossible done.

    There were so many fucking idiots in the navy who enlisted and didn't want to be there already that the draft would just lower the over all readiness, effectiveness and over all ass kicking destructive ability of our entire military.

    The answer to the problem isn't a draft... It's all about offering the right incentive to get the right people to join willingly. The oppertunity is given to those people to own that decision and know what they are getting themselves into. I wouldn't hold any confidence in those shit birds who cry about not wanting to be there and consistently give half ass performance. I do get that there will be many if not most draftees that will step up to the plate. It's those weak sisters that won't or can't that worry me. It should worry us all...
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