Is it saveable?

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  1. First time growing anything from a seed and worried I've already goofed. She was good last night and like this today.

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  2. Did you have a pet as a kid? ... an easy save

    keep a temp gauge close by and keep the soils at 77f/25c
    lower the light or raise the pot to 2 inches of the light, make a few pins holes in the plastic
    check the link: GWE
    make the plant stem vertical
    good luck
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  3. It's toast........damping off.
    Medium is too wet and the plastic wrap promotes fungal growth........which is what killed the seedling.
    Damping Off.jpg
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  4. Over watered for sure
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  5. Do you have any more seeds? LOL
    Sorry for your loss.
  6. I have to say with shock that it is actually still alive. I stood it back up with a little dry soil, lowered my temperature, and put the light down closer and it has perked back up.
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  7. just dont water it and raise it up close to the light leave it on 24/7 and make sure it is warm like 80f you can save her i believe
  8. Just an update all 3 seeds died and this has been an expensive experiment, could have bought a lot of weed for what I sunk into this. Thanks for the help everyone.
  9. We learn from our mistakes.
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  10. We’ll that’s part of the learning process unfortunately
  11. The difference between you and me I’ve killed more plants than you have
  12. But when you get it right you get this gorgeous prize 8959B409-F5E5-41BE-A3A3-EE586DC60980.jpeg 29C020FA-BE00-483B-85E2-058E6D96F347.jpeg 8B89C143-9C70-414C-A33C-48180154B41E.jpeg
  13. For the next one don’t put no plastic rap on the cup just let the seeds grow into the cup and always leave some space to fill in as they stretch
  14. Just a little side note..look into watering!! Ppl really don't think that watering plays a big part, but proper watering at the different stages plays a HUGE part! My biggest advice to any new grower is to do just a bit of research stage by stage, keep it simple but keep it right, there's so much info out there to help!!
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  15. I have to totally agree with newfie. I would say 99% of the trouble people have from sprout to seedling is over watering.
    People (including myself in the beginning) get all excited when she sprouts and are constantly watching and fiddling with them, and as soon as the top of the soil dries out a little they water it.
    Within 2-3 days it’s too late and you’ve over watered.
    It’s a tricky balance to learn.
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