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Discussion in 'General' started by Steve-O, Jan 14, 2002.

  1. I got this online guy. he has gotten me some good stuff but im starting to think that it is way to risky.
  2. life is a risk! by smaller amount and do lest time if caught!good luck tazz11

  3. This guy makes you buy OZs or nothing. What I really was asking was how risky is it to buy online
  4. I doubt many people are going to have the means to be totally scientific about how safe it is to buy on-line.

    People can speak from experience, but who actually goes around trying to find someone who's a rip off?

    If I find somebody who I trust and they don't send short bags (or police officers) to me, then I'd generally stay with them.

    If they decide to investigate (I hear they sometimes confiscate and send you a letter saying why they did with nothing more said... but I myself wouldn't count on it) then you'd be in as much trouble as if you're caught accepting it from a dealer's hands.

    Of course, that depends on where you live and if buying marijuana on-line is illegal.

    I've never, nor would I ever (while it's illegal anyways) buy from someone on-line.
  5. i agree with you on this one!
  6. The dealer is not the problem. This guy wouldnt rip anyone off and he gets good shit. The problem is i'm worried that I could get caught I want to know if it is possible to get caught and if so how likely would it be for it to happen.
  7. Anything is possible ,if it were me I would deny everything.:)
    Seriously ,bags do ocassionally get lost in the postal service,usually stuffed in a postal workers pocket.
    A good question for you to ask your friend is "If my bag gets lost will you reship". In over 3 years one of mine got "lost" and my friend reshipped. Narcs really aren't looking for busts of under 30 grams ,(sentencing guidelines) the bigger bust is for over 30 grams (where I live).
    If you have a good reliable hookup stick with him/her. Most of the risk is on them until you actually have it in your pocket ,then my friend it's all yours.
  8. you order weed online? omg i'd think that you'd definately get caught. where do you buy weed from online? why dont you just buy it in your town?

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