is it safe to plant outside if it will rain for week?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by yinyang, May 12, 2006.

  1. i was planning to transplant outdoors today. now i open my blinds to find a gloomy rainy day. and the weather channel says itll be like this for a week. will it be safe?
  2. Depends how heavy the rain will be and how strong your seedlings are, but transplant them anyway the rain makes them tougher the sooner they experience outdoor life the better thell adapt and get used to it.:smoke:
  3. i am worried about the same thing. i have about 10 sprouts outside now and it rained last night, hard. this morning there all laying down and dont look so good, i hope they perk back up. But if you think about it they are a plant that is suppose to grow outdoor so im guessing they can prolly take the rain.
  4. were the babies/sprouts indoors ever? if they were outside their entire life, no worries, if they have rooted, they should bounce back. As well, how cold did it get out that night? If they ever were inside during their life cycle, filtered sun light should be provided before entering full sunlight. So, the cloudy day could have beneficial had it been the first day outside since the sun woulndt have been out in full force. Another thing, how temperate of a climate do you live in? are you planting too soon/late?
  5. depends on how good the strain is and if you plant deep enough or in the right spot. Pack the soil down slightly on top of the seeds but make sure its soft dirt under the seeds and make sure its well drained soil. It would suck to find a couple of waterlogged seedlings. get what im saying? the water will drain through to deeper soil instead of staying on top of the soil. Find soil with sand or sandrock in it and plant there. peace.
  6. It's very well worth it, rain was all week here and my plants are not even a week and are having their 2nd set of true leaves!
  7. yep. same with me only my plants have been in the ground for almost 2 weeks...hope they don't drown :cool:...
  8. You'll be fine Rob rain is good they won't drown. Trust me litterally i seen plants survive 3 weeks of rain (crazy as weather)
  9. No problems, just do it.
  10. seeds? oh i forgot to mention they are clones (5-6 inches) and they have been growing inside my sunroom/(fluos when needed). anyways i think ill just wait another week before putting them out. its kinda early still out here in the ottawa/quebec region. thx for the replys.
  11. Yeah, do what feels right for you.
  12. Yeah what Spanishfly said.

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