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is it safe to drive while stoned

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lostinmymind, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. If you have a super low tolerance. After smoking a gram of good weed?
    Just wondering.

    Anyone ever drove with a super low tolerance? What it was like?
  2. Slow, it seems to me whenever i drive while medicated everything around me moves at a much slower pace
  3. No, your reaction time is altered and you become easily sidetracked.

    I'd never do it. Each person is different though.
  4. I would never do it just based on safety, let alone illegality.

    Don't risk other people's lives, bros.
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    Honestly, I'm not going to deny driving while high, I'm sure the vast majority of us who have licenses and drive who toke have driven high. I've never got in a crash, and I actually think you pay more attention when stoned. I haven't drove when high for a long time, just because I don't think its responsible anymore to drive under the influence of anything, but I always paid attention.

    Actually, I felt as if I was driving under the speed limit, I felt paranoid that I was going too slow and would get pulled over, and ultimately decided I didn't like driving while high just because it does takes a lot of effort to drive normal when you're high, compared to when you're sober. When I'm sober driving is easy as fuck, but when I smoke its like I think about every little detail and don't want to get pulled over, so I don't drive high at all anymore.

    I pay more attention and drive slower, but I hate feeling paranoid that I'll crash or get pulled over, so I don't drive high anymore.
  6. dude just remember this when you're stoned. 10 and 2. 10 and 2. 10 and 2. write it on the steering wheel if you forget.
  7. I would not recommend it.
    I once had to run a quick errand while high and suddenly became "aware" after having my thoughts drift a bit, and i had NO IDEA where I was or how long I had zoned out for.
    Plus if some jackass hits you even if it is not your fault you are fucked.
  8. lol wut?
  9. the hours of the clock---the places to place your hands on the steering wheel.
  10. Your hands' position on the steering wheel -- 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock.

    EDIT: Ninja'd :D
  11. I'm suprised at all the answers. I drive stoned all the time and do it like a champ. But it's different for everyone, if you have to ask, you probably shouldn't haha
  12. I drive like a pro when im super im one with the road but I do forget to turn or get off exits sometimes...driving at night high sucks though especially if it's raining
  13. I wouldn't do it personally, that shit would kill my high.
  14. Do it everyday and no problems idk why everyone thinks it's a big deal. High driving yes drunk no
  15. Ok heres a funny little story. Me and my girl were smoking one night and had the munchies so we decided to grab some midnight snacks at a sandwhich shop, it ultimately turned into an adventure like harold and kumar go to white castle. To make a long story short, i should have driven because on our way there she killed a possum and hit a parked cop car.

    Thus remember...10 & 2.
  16. I love when that happens. A lot of times when I'm driving places, I finally get to my destination but I'm not too sure how I got there LOL.
  17. One time when I was driving really high I felt like I was going to drive off the edge of the world. I mean it was hilarious, because I knew the earth was round, but it was also kind of mind blowing because I was questioning whether the earth was actually round. Once I convinced myself that I wasn't about to drive off the edge of the earth it felt like the world beneath me was rotating and my car was still. Like a treadmill of sorts...

    I wouldn't recommend it if your tolerance is very low.

    If you're a veteran smoker it doesn't really matter imo.
  18. I drive high all the time, I drove high when I was 15 with a super low tolerance and a learners permit

  19. HAHAHAHA was it a pony you were driving?
  20. I'll smoke a Spliff and drive around... Though I'm use to it and I enjoy it.

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