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is it real?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ganja666, May 30, 2009.

  1. #1 ganja666, May 30, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 30, 2009
    Okay so my friend gave me 2 grams of some really sticky weed. I mean, this shit is STICKY!! Very fresh. So when I smell it though... it smells nothing like weed. And it tastes sweet when you eat it. (I ate a little to see if it tastes like weed) So I packed it in a little pen pipe I made out of a BIC pen and smoked it last night. It tastes like weed, but it burns inside when the smoke is inside. I have only been smokin for a month or so, so im very new to herb and need help. It has stems and seeds in it which look like marijuana seeds and stems. The stems have little hairs on them and the seeds are small. Its also very dark green, and like I said it does not smell like skunk or anything. It smells.... idk how to describe it? I asked my friend (Not the one who gave it to me) which he is very experiecend in weed and he took a couple little pieces of it and stuck it in his mouth and he said it tastes sweet which it does. He said he didnt know if it was weed or not. He said it might be a rare type of weed. It may be weed, it may not. I do not know. Anything will help guys! Thanks!!

    P.S. After tokin' my mouth was dry like cottonmouth and i felt pretty relaxed and chill. It was at like 12 AM at night! So lol, I was kinda outta it anyways.
  2. Dont smoke out of plastic. :|
  3. Yah thats super bad for you.

    Unless you're putting like a little paper bowl in there or something, we did that with the homemade bong we put together yesterday at a BBQ..
  4. Well, its only for when I dont have papers, you know?
  5. If the plastic is getting melted at all though.. Find something else bro.
  6. Okay, any suggestions? I'm kinda limited on stuff.
  7. Also lets keep to the topic. From the info I provided about the herb, do you think its real?
  8. Well a good thing we knocked up yesterday, you need a plastic bottle + a straw + a sharp object (Scissors whatever.) Oh and tape of some sort.

    Jab a hole in the bottle about 2/3rds down, then cut the straw so that its about half the size. Put this in the hole so it goes down into the bottle. Then you gotta tape up round the straw/hole interaction to make it airtight-ish.

    Then basically we'd roll half a joint or make a little cardboard bowl and put it in the end of the straw, pack with weed.

    Fill the bottle with water till it covers the end of the straw thats on the inside, light weed, inhale.

    Its shitty sure, but you can knock it up in 5 minutes.

  9. Could be man, how does it smoke?

    Cant really tell from the info.

    Ive had weed that didnt smell so much, but was really strong; and ive had really stinky weed that barely gave me a buzz.
  10. It lights up just like weed, tastes like it when the smokes in your mouth. Gave me cottonmouth. But the burning weed still did not smell like the 'weed smell'. You know?
  11. Yeah but did it get you high?

    Surely thats the reason you bought weed, not to get cottonmouth and whatever.
  12. I think I did. I had red eyes, felt pretty chilled and relax. And my neck had been hurting pretty bad and it didnt hurt afterwards. But not it hurts. And when I woke up this morning my mouth was dryer than the Sahara Desert. But I think I was high, cause I felt good and relaxed.
  13. Enjoy it then man.
  14. Did you smoke all of it? If not take a picture and post it on here, it will surely help.
  15. Alright man. Thanks. If you want I can try and post up some pics of the weed I got? Also could i smoke the herb outta a gum wrapper rolled up like a J?

  16. Naw I still got a ton left. Ill see if I can get some pics up.
  17. It probably just wasn't dried and cured properly.
  18. Well, its not moist, its sticky. It doesnt crumble easy either.
  19. Yeah probably not cured properly then. Pics would help but it sounds like the grower didn't bother drying it right before he sold it.
  20. pics would help, hard to tell for sure just from your description, but if it has stems, hairs and seeds i'm thinking its legit stuff maybe just not dried properly :hide:

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