Is it ready to harvest?

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    Hi folks,
    Just need some advice regarding the harvest as I've been flowering them for 8 weeks now, and i guess they are ready to be harvested. The strain here is GH cheese.


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  2. You need to get a cheapo Loupe or smart phone attachment ( under $15 at Amazon..)
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  3. Hey thanks for the information mate. I'll definitely check them with the magnifier. anyways how's the overall look?

  4. From here..LOOKING NICE AND TASTY..:)
  5. Ha ha Thanks. Smoked a popcorn a while ago and shit is hitting like a truck. :)
  6. The key for GREAT Harvest is the SLOW DRY AND CURE..See
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  7. Sure it hasn't been longer than 5 weeks? Looks closer to the lines of 8 weeks...They look about ready but a loupes the only way we could actually see the color of trichomes for ourselves. My loupe cost 6.50 shipped and came with a phone case... I can zoom in to single trichomes with it lol
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  8. Hi,
    I apologize for mentioning the 5th week, i'm into the 8th week as you mentioned. I'll purchase a loupe today itself and let you guys know..
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    yeah like the lads have said. best off checking them trich's but 70-80 % amber hairs is a good sign. your not long off anyway. looks rather sparkly with the eye. hope it turns out yummy for yer.
  10. Thank you guys for all your help. really appreciate your valuable advice. :)
  11. Parting words: When you think she is ready..wait another week!!
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