Is it possible???

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  1. Is it possible to transfer 5, 4, and 3 1/2 week old, mostly indica plants which have been grown exclusively outdoors in small plastic containers, in the mid-atlantic region, to indoors using whatever equipment is nessasary??? A well educated answer very soon would be greatly appreciated. (Some kids were snooping around my grow area today.) I plan on relocating most of the plants to another location, but i'm kind of crunched for time as I have not fully evaluted the new location and more importantly, I don't want to spend time behind bars, haha. Which brings me to another question. Is it possible to sustain the plants for a couple days indoors before I relocate them back to the outdoors?

    I have Fluker's 8.5" reptile clamp lamp rated 150 watts and a Sun Glow 150 watt Neodymium Daylight Lamp used for tropical and desert terrariums for reptiles. It produces UVA rays, and creates heat gradients for thero-regulation.

    Is it possible to do either of these with what i have?
  2. Yes, you can transplant the outdoor plants into pots and bring them indoors. There are a few outdoor strains that don't like indoors, but they will still survive, if looked after. The lamps you discribe are not designed for growing plants, the have the wrong spectrum for either growing or vegging. You will need to set up a grow room with proper lamps and ventilation, and have it light tight for the dark period.

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