Is it possible to start a relationship with someone who doesnt smoke?

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  1. In your personal opinion, do you think that it's possible? Assuming you'd be okay to talk about it but never smoking it in front of them/with them around it.
  2. if they were 100% ok with it then yes but even then i would feel weird about being high all the time while they're sober all the time. actually probably not. it could work in some cases but i feel like most of the time the sober butt would get over me being high and laughing all the time.

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  3. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, and dont religiously adhere to the literal definition of what you want to achieve (like people cant fly on their own, but they can with planes).

    But, personally, I dont think I could have a fulfilling relationship with someone who is decidely anti-weed. On the fence I can work with, but mind is made up against it? Eh.... I dont think it could be truly fulfilling.

    But thats just me.
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    I'm actually married to someone who doesn't smoke, but the reason for that isn't a legal or moral one; he can't handle smoking/vaping (bad, bad asthma) and edibles do nothing but knock him out. He's a BIG dude (tall and stocky) and he's got a massive tolerance for any kind of painkiller -- opiates, bud, over the counter pain meds. It takes a lot to have an effect on him, and it doesn't last long. I tried *so hard* to get him high, but few things work. Booze will do it, but again, it takes a LOT.
    Still, I also understand the feeling of it being weird to be high while the other person is always sober. Nowadays, I'll only smoke at home if he's drinking and we can both be in that place, or if he's out of town or asleep for the night. If not, I've got a group of buddies (including my boy toy) who I'll smoke with at their place. I smoke regularly, but not daily; way too much schoolwork and home responsibilities to be able to handle a constant high. So it's a good arrangement -- my husband doesn't have to watch me be all lofty-philosophical or silly-giggly when I'm high, yet I can be around others who are just as high and enjoy myself more.
    If you think it might go longterm and you're really wanting to smoke on the daily, but don't think she'd want to be around it ever . . . that might be an issue. One of those cases of incompatible interests.
    K no.
  6. Yeahhh I pretty much figured you guys would feel the same way about it. This girl likes me but she doesn't like weed because of her "you don't need drugs to be happy". mentality.

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  7. Have you talked to her about it? Tried explaining that you dont do it to be happy, but because you enjoy it?
  8. Of course but she just sees it so differently than I do. She's from the south and she says that it's a totally different mindset.

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  9. Oh that Bible belt.

    Well I mean Im from Florida, and while there is definitely hostility in the older more conservative crowds, acceptance is spreading, except to the cops, theyll break your arm over a joint here lol

    But yea if shes not willing to be open minded about it, well ultimately its your call, but it sounds like the relationship could be tricky
  10. Dude you're pretty much spot on she's from Georgia. I'll see what we can do after she realizes it doesn't make you evil or whatever haha. I actually just moved to Florida from Pennsylvania and most people seem to burn. Are the cops that bad down here?
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    As someone who doesn't smoke anymore, I'd say yes. I don't see how it'd be an issue honestly, I guess it just depends on the non-smoker. Seeing as I used to smoke often I have a laid back view on it, I wouldn't make them feel bad or anything like that about it, nor would they have to hide it from me the only problem I can see is that I'd be a little bit jealous haha.
    If they happen to have a problem with it then obviously it wouldn't work out. 
    I know a few couples where one person smokes, and the other isn't into it at all, and they work out just fine.
    As far as her not being into it, just leave it at that. The fact that you smoke weed isn't your only defining factor, so she should be able to look past that. If anything she might get curious at one point, and want to try it out with you, it's happened to me so yeah... good times... Seriously, though, she'll be like "you know this guy is pretty cool, I really like him, smart, funny, yadda, yadda, blah, blah... maybe weed isn't so bad after all."...
    Anywho... good luck.
  12. yea alot of people here smoke.

    And I imagine ot depends where in Florida you are, but in my area, which is a mix of rural and city, the cops are pretty gung ho about weed
  13. If she's completely against it don't even try cause if she's anal about you smoking and she catches you its just un necessary drama bull shit

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  14. for sure, 100% impossible. doesn't even matter who the two people are, they just couldn't make it work.
  15. yea me and my baby momma were together 6 yrs and she didnt smoke...i just let her do coke every once in a while to make up for it
  16. Dude I was in a relationship for 20 years with someone who didn't smoke. I smoked in front of her all the time. Hell she even rode along with me when I would go to score so I know it's ok with some people. Just have to ask and find out I guess.
  17. Yes I dated a girl for 2 years who was against it and she didn't know I was blazed up all the time. Ended up smoking with her and she blew me until I came and then fucked me and I came again.

    She was very annoying though. First time smoking so she just ate all my food and being obnoxious. Haven't smoked with her since even though she wanted me to.

    Not even now that we're just friends

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  18. It's perfectly possible, my girlfriend hates the act of smoking, thinks it disgusting, but I still get to do it and she honestly doesn't even care if I'm high around her. When we go to parties, she drinks and I smoke, that way I can drive us home. Doesn't seem to bother her in the least.
  19. My girlfriend can't smoke cuz of her asthma but she's fine with me doing it. And actually I think it really opens up our relationship :) but she's ok with me smoking around her. Idk what I'd do if I couldn't cuz we live together but yeah :p

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