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is it possible to smoke too much?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ashestoashes, May 19, 2010.

  1. I'm ashamed to even post this, but I have to know. A friend of mine claimed that he and his friend smoked a lot (2 bowls, 3 joints apiece) and then went to a pizza place and threw up on the floor as they were ordering.

    I highly doubt it's true, and I'm sure they just got something laced, but yeah. He claims it's called "High sickness" or something like that. I heard on The Union that you have to smoke something like 15,000 joints in 3 minutes to get a lethal dose of THC...this obviously wasn't lethal, but shouldn't it have been an obscene amount for that to happen? I'm betting most of you have smoked much more than that in one sitting.

    If it's just him bulls***ing me, then I can go forward with my birthday plan...
    What is it you ask?
    smoke an entire half ounce in one night.
  2. Definitely. I've had this happen to a girl after we finished 8 blunts and endless parachutes with a group of friends. It also happened to another one of my boys when we tried smoking an eighth of dank in an hour. Sometimes you're body just can't handle it. At some concerts I've even seen my friends pass out from smoking because too much is going on for them to handle so their brain shuts off basically.
  3. It's not possible to smoke to much per se. You can however burn out and get sleepy if your smoking lower quality marijuana. Not to mention smoking a half o in one day is just kind of wasteful. Enjoy the good herb don't over abuse it.
  4. It most certainly is possible to 'green out' and get physically ill from smoking too much of the good stuff. A lot of new smokers overdo it and wind up tossing their cookies.
  5. Thanks for saving me the time, :wave:.

    I think I beat you up today too, *pat self on back.*

  6. Came here to answer a question and hell there's already legit answers.

    dam it :mad:
  7. @ op

    Get a new friend who can knows when to stop wasting bud and wont be a buzz kill.
  8. of cousre you can, noo to much to the point where you'll die but too much to the point where you'll feel sick or pass out or just be too high to enjoy it.
  9. getting sleepy doesnt have anything to do with the quality of the bud, but wheter its an indica or sativa. indica is notorious for night time toking cause it can knock you out. i use weed a sleeping aid.
  10. I guess my response was ill perceived. From my own personal experience I have never felt any ill effects from smoking any given amount aside from getting tired if I get to happy with some mids. I never seem to have a burnout problem when I've got anything of quality.
  11. Sounds like your boys couldnt keep there shit on the down low......jk but yes "greening out" can happen. You just get flushed and dizzy, travel back in time, ya know...the usual.
  12. Of course, just like you can eat too much until the point of discomfort/I'll feelings, the same applies with cannabis.
    Don't smoke more then your comfortable with, when your "too high" it's just unenjoyable.
  13. my friends and i have burned ounces in a day. i've never gotten "pot-sick" (as they say in my area) but i have heard of it happening to others. i've smoked blunt after blunt to my face and never gotten sick, just high. maybe it only happens to certain people because they got a head rush or got dizzy or something?
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    Iv smoked 3 and half ounces with 2 friends in 1day, 420/08.

    We sat in the woods and smoked blunts after blunt after blunt and bowl after bowl.

    We had no side effects at all, No puking, no tripping out, no killing people.
    I passed out mid blunt at 5am that next morning, Woke up and we finished off the half oz the rest of the day.

    Puking when high is like car sickness, Your body isnt used to having that much THC in the system, and your body starts to feel like it spining, The stomach gets uneasy and you puke. We have all done it, Its one of the most normal things for stoners with in the 1st year or 2.
  15. well the only time ive ever thrown up, i for some reason was swallowing the smoke, like taking hits and swallowing them instead of just holding it in. only time ive ever done that and only time ive ever thrown up
  16. i've never puked from smoking weed and i've smoked ounces in a day on a few occasions. however i have a friend who literally throws up everytime he smokes weed at my house, 2 bong hits of mids and he puked up 7 bucks worth of recently eaten taco bell.
  17. I find it's usually a combination of things that makes me hurl. Weed + obscene amounts of booze, obscene amounts of weed and then a fag, loads of weed then loads of food. It's not that difficult to do when you're a newbie to smoking.
  18. I've never puked, but I've been on the verge of passing out twice. Everything starts flashing as your vision fades to black, then you get dizzy >_>

    Not fun. Don't smoke too much too fast, especially if you're new. I suggest taking a few hits, then waiting a bit to see how you feel.
  19. I threw up once. It was also the only time I ever hallucinated on the herb. I was young and hadn't been smoking long and it was really, really, really good shit.

    I got sick, then my friend grew devil horns right in front of my eyes, then I started laughing my ass off. I didn't even care that I had gotten sick.
  20. Yeah, everything in moderation is the saying, i've 'whitied' (thrown up when high) before, I think it's something every stoner should experience, teaches you your limits and that.

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