Is it possible to smoke a pound in a week?

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  1. I don't mean cooking it into edibles or making hash or anything like that, just straight smoking it in a glass bowl. Do you think you could smoke a whole pound within a week?
  2. Glass bowl, Hell naa.

    Blunts, Maybe, But its gon have to be a few homies around for the whole week aswell.

    But shiet, I wouldnt even want to.

    I've went through a QP in a day before with a couple homies, It wasnt worth it. I mean the memorie will stay with me, But damn it wasnt even enjoyable after the first few hours.
  3. ^^thats alot of fucking bud to smoke in a day,was it dank?
  4. after my calculations, if your awake for 12 hours a day you have to smoke 5.3333 grams EVERY hour your awake, i guess thats possible, but your throught would get torn up and i have a feeling you would just pass out
  5. Fuck that. Im pretty sure it is possible with the right amount of people and if you had the blunts rolled already, but I dont think anybody would even want to. You would have a massive headache by the time you were through with it.
  6. I know someone who could possibly do it, takes some kind of shot so alcohol and weed has a lesser effect on him. He regularly smokes 2-3 ounces a week
  7. Not dank, But what i consider mids, Which is better then alot of people consider mids.

    Was higher then a mother fucker ill tell ya what.
  8. smoked a pound of beasters in 2 weeks it wasnt that hard reaaaallly fucking baked though it was really fucking fun im sure my neighbors thought i had a chiminey or something. it was for going away present before i left to germany for 6 months and i eventually never went to haha.
  9. Definitely possible when rolling fat blunts between homies. At Gathering of the Vibes, 4 of us went through about 10 ounces of some dank in less than 3 days. Honestly, we didn't sleep much...because we were on maaaaad amounts of other shit..haha..makes me giddy just thinking about that definitely played a part...but it was more outta habit then...and tolerance was dumb high after the first day or two.
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    Sure, with friends it wouldn't be too hard to get it done. But after a few hours of smoking it isn't even worth it to smoke anymore, you will just stay burnt out.
  11. Why would you want to? I can smoke an ounce in a week myself, but it means pretty serious, long personal sessions while playing wow or browsing gc or something.

    If you did that, you would literally just be asleep the whole time, you would be exhausted even after you got over the huge amount of THC, because of all the CO and CO2 you would be inhaling. In fact, you could get brain damage or die, possibly, just like people do when they suffocate themselves with nitrus. Not to say it would be death caused by marijuana, but death by smoke inhalation, just like in a fire or whatever.

  12. Why does he do that? I'd rather the weed have a higher effect on me...
  13. Yeah... it wouldn't be smart to smoke an entire pound... that's a shitload of smoking in a day and a waste of money.
  14. WTF are u smoking crack? You cant die from weed asshole.

  15. He didn't say you could die from weed he said you would suffocate from lack of oxygen... you need to relax buddy, smoke one yourself.
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    You'd have to be pretty damn dedicated. When I'm smoking a lot (usually in the summer) I'll blow through an oz in a week. But normally an oz would last me a month or so

    Smoking a pound would be hard fucking work. A pound could last me over a year haha

    edit: you'd have to sit at one of these and just keep loading bowl after bowl...

  17. If you're with 4 people, and all of you are rolling up/taking bong hits.. Its definitely possible
  18. The average human is awake 16 hours a day... This is assuming you aren't falling asleep from being to stoned because some don't get tired when they smoke, so let's do some math?

    16 hours a day
    112 hours in a week
    454 Grams in a pound
    454/112= 4 grams an hour

    That's a Gram EVERY fifteen minutes for 16 hours a day for seven days...
  19. I feel like my hands would hurt from rolling...

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