Is it possible to see new colours?

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  1. This is something that has held my curiosity for my entire life. What would it be like to see a new colour? So I thought what better place to ask than a drugs forum. Have any of you guys seen what you definitely consider to be new colours while tripping on a drug?
  2. i don't know if this is the sort of information you're looking for, but my friend was legally colorblind before he tripped on mescaline and now he says he can see colors he hadn't seen in years. or something to that effect.
  3. That is a question I've always wondered too! Is it possible to create a new color? How would we do it, would it be a change in our perception that causes us to see this new color? Or would it be a new color entirely and visible to not just the person perceiving it but everybody in existence. It's a question we'll probably never answer but I keep trying to imagine a new color in my head, haha. I keep imagining a color in between the depths of purple, blue and pink.
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    its hard when a human eye is only as advanced as we think it is kinda....theres some many other wave-lengths, and only a short range is visible to humans, so perhaps if one were to evolve a bit more. or perhaps in far diferent place, u could see wot could be described as "new" colours to us human folk

    forgive me if none of that made sence, ive been trapped in a bottle all night

    its like, take somthing thats completly color blind, and even tho it is color blind, it can still show diferent shades of pigment, boiling down to the most basic of colors, think shades of grey.

    humans just gotta get more shades
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    When I was little my life plan was to get rich by inventing a new colour. I spent quite a while trying to think of one.

    Also I'm not sure if this is quite what you're looking for, but apparently 2-3% of women can see more colours.

    "It may be impossible for us trichromats to imagine what a four-color world would look like. But mathematics alone suggests the difference would be astounding, said Jay Neitz, a renowned color vision researcher at the Medical College of Wisconsin."
  6. :eek:
  7. crazy shit, huh?
  8. Real crazy yea, still incredibly interesting :eek::cool:
  9. lol yea i used to always ponder this. eventually i convinced myself that all the basic colors (not including really specific shades) have been discovered already, but who really knows.
  10. don't tell my friend, but i think it was one of the 2-cX, not mescaline.

    we live in maine, for chrissakes. that was the only time i've ever heard of anyone getting mescaline here since i started doing drugs.
  11. Haha yea no mescaline to be found in here and we're pretty near. But anyway, the 2C-X family is still really sweet :) OH NOM NOM NOM, sweet 2C-B :p

    EDIT: ooo I won't tell your friend BTW, don't care ^^
  12. Yeah there IS other colours like ultra violet, infared etc. Think of the rainbow. 7 colours on it. Well there's like a million past violet (1st one being ultra violet.) and infared to the left of red (1st one to the left of red.).
    I'm completly unsure of the other colours but we can't see them
  13. Women can see more colors than men can.
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    There are indeed colors in the spectrum that are not apparent to the human eye.

    Mescaline is known to induce this phenomenon.

    So, yes, it is possible to see new colors. The hard part is training your eyes to detect the color(s).
  15. I think the closest we're ever gonna get to "Inventing" a new color would be seeing a color that we've never seen before, but has always been there. I dont see how you could invent a color unless you like do some really crazy brain/eye surgery and still then, Idk how you would be able to test if you can see it or not because all of the colors we know of are already found in nature, unless you go to space(other planets), THATS when things get funky. Very good question indeed OP. But really, If i was willing to get eye/brain surgery just so see one or a few new colors, Id much rather ask them to give me x-ray vision or something or embedd an ipod into my brain and hook it up to my brain so i dont need earphones and can listen to music whenever i want without people knowing. Now THATS a good idea. Sorry for going off-topic here :smoking:

    Very interesting thread indeed.
  16. People have seen colors not seen on Earth during near-death experiences.
  17. The colors are all around us... they are all there already. We can only see the visible spectrum though.
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    After the visible spectrum, from about 400-700nm the next wave lengths are UV light and Inferred light...UV light is very damaging, but we cant really see its color, although I believe it has a color, however, we wouldn't really want to look at it anyway..Infarred light is pretty much intense red light, but other than these you start getting into higher and lower frequencies of light such as gamma-rays, x-rays, microwaves, radiowaves, which I'm assuming done have any color to them...I think, and im saying this lightly, I don't think there really are any other colors than the ones you can make up from the color spectrum, unles our eye somehow evolves...The only way I've seen eyes evolve--from different animals and out past eyes--are just the shape of the lenses, where the eye is located and how many cones/rods we have in our eyes to detect how much light is coming into our eyes, thats why some animals can see more at night than we can.

    But if you want to look at something interesting, there are cases of people who claim they SEE SOUNDS (in colors), and other senses that are broken down and rearranged, its called synesthesia.

    EDIT: Synesthesia might be why that one guys friend (that posted on the first page) started seeing colors after he had taken whatever drug he took.
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    Yes it is, there are many colors that aren't "new" but are out of the spectrum of your physical eyes. Your eyeballs aren't the only method of seeing, and it is with the astral eyes that you can see the other colors. There is a kind of almost yellow color that can't be created on the physical plane of our vision, as well as a kind of white as well. Of course, the colors aren't really white or yellow but it's the only comparison I can give to you since you can't describe colors that few have seen in an accurate way, or even describing a color period without the use of other colors in the description is impossible. You could almost maybe call them "ultra-yellow/ultra-white" I guess.

    The spectrum of colors goes on into infinity in both directions past our visible spectrum.
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    You can spend your entire life sitting on your porch wondering about new colors, about imagining places you've never seen or been to... about hearing sounds you never heard, or smells you've never smelled, (etc)


    You can just drop a few hits of acid, drink a San Pedro milkshake, have some salvia psilocybin-flavored cookies, and wash it down with some ayahuasca juice and you just might see a new color or two... :hello:

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