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Is it possible to never get paraniod on MJ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TR13, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. I'm a (55 year old) beginner, and I understand I'm not supposed to be posting in this section. But I'm hoping since it's a question it'll be ok.

    Sometimes I get these really stupid paranoid thoughts. Although I can change my focus and they'll go away...I'm just wondering with enough "practice" can one keep from ever getting paranoid thoughts at all?

    ..or are they just "part of the deal"?
  2. Congrats on finding weed at your age! The paranoia will go away as your "high" matures. The more you do it, the more you'll get used to it. It's normal to have paranoid thoughts whilst stoned. Don't worry man.

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  3. have suffered 55 years of having propaganda shoved down your throat and up your...anywho...point is, it's all in your mind, you were TRAINED to think of pot as something bad, and when people do bad things they feel they will be caught...paranoid.
    it isn't the pot, it's the long term brainwashing.
  4. Some people do report paranoia but it is a very subjective thing. Are you afraid of the cops busting down your door or do you fear your pounding heart is going to explode? You will most likely get over it when you discover there is nothing to really be afraid of. Maybe you could try a different strain.
  5. I'm not afraid of being caught (I live in CO). But I do understand the "propaganda" thing (my brother's a old cop)
    I haven't told him yet, but we're pretty tight, so I'm going to eventually. He's gonna crap a brick. HA!

    Awhile back I was having "heart attack" fears. (I'm old. pains in my chest are nothing new, and if I called 911 ever time I got one I'd be like Fred Sanford.)
    Anyhow, I got out our blood pressure monitor, and was taking my BP before, during, and after my highs.
    Pretty interseting really...but the heart attack paranoias continued.

    Then (while high) one day I realized; no wonder I'm concerned..I'm taking my GD blood pressure 20 times a day!
    I put the monitor away, and that particular paranoia went away too.

    Most of the time it's just stupid stuff, and I was just making sure you long-timers got it too.

    Thanks time it happens, I hope I remember to read that again. But I probably wont.
  6.  BTW..for the record,
    After extensive BP monitoring, I learned that after the first 15 minutes or so, MJ actually lowers my blood pressure.
    Is there ANYTHING weed cant do?
    (I mean besides help me lose weight?)
  7.  At 55 years old, please don't fall for or spread the misconception that weed is going to solve the worlds problems.  I guess that's pretty cool if it lowers your blood pressure after 15 minutes - assuming of course the rise in BP immediately following intake doesn't induce a heart attack or stroke.  You're not a kid - use some common sense. 
  8. I remember I'd freak out everytime I saw a cop. But then I started to get more confident and started being happy. Like i think it's a good idea to surround yourself with good vibes. So get all comfy and watch your favorite comedy and get your favorite food. I personally go with pepperoni pizza and i love watching spaceballs, or tremors with Kevin bacon is hilarious
    Good point.
    I actually talked my wife into helping me. The rise in BP right after smoking is still considerably less than during sex. (which I can still do [/brag])

    If I'm gonna have a stroke/heart attack, I'm guessing it'll be from having sex during that first 15 minutes of high.

    so I might start waiting 20, just to be on the safe-side.
  10. big respect for you thinking for yourself and trying this Id just take it easy at first eventually you learn to tell when youve had enough. As for paranoia as already said that goes after a while I was the same when I first started. To be honest health wise I personally think youre over thinking it but better to have full comfort of mind, sometimes when you first get high people are prone to panic over their heart rate when really theres nothing to worry about. Happy toking man
  11. Thanks. I think you got that right.
    Constantly thinking about the heart-stuff only made me more paranoid about it more often.

    I posted in the introduction section, that I started using pot for my back about 9 months ago. (done with chiropractors and prescription pain killers)

    anyhow, If I ask myself while I'm stoned "hey, does my back hurt"?.. the answer is usually "yes".
    But because I'm high, I'll start thinking about something else in a few seconds.

    So is the pain really gone, or am I just not thinking about it? Does it make any difference?

    Not to me
  12. thats all that matters mate how it feels to you. Does your wife toke?
    It's like jumping your bike the first few times. At first you are going to worry about the dangers and how bad it could be...after a few times and nothing happens you''l be like "Aw SHIT this is fun" and you'll forget all about the fear. There are no worries mate. It's all safe. It hasn't killed anyone in the history of the won't be the first. Just don't go out and try jumping a bike....Not at your age LOL!
  14. I occasionally smoke with 'casual' smokers, people who rarely partake.

    They'll have half a spliff and freak out, occasionally throw up. Now I smoke a lot when I get baked and I never have these feelings. So my suspicion is that all of these 'side-effects' are just in your head.

    Just watch, someone who fears they might throw up after smoking is far more likely to and I feel it's the same with paranoia.

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  15. No she doesn't. Never in her life... yet anyhow.

    She's been very supportive. She likes me better when I'm high, and will sometimes suggest that I get that way.
     We've been married for over 30 years, and I really love being around her when I'm stoned.
  16. You must remember that a thc high inherently lends itself to a increased sense of paranoia, but I would remark that paranoia noticeably decreases with experience. If this problem persists despite your increasing tolerance perhaps reduce the amount you usually smoke. You won't be so high and this will help you a develop a sense of control over your high. The first high of the day is usually the strongest as well. After I have smoked once in a day, i dont really feel like i get as high if i smoke again later on in the day.
    Hey, if you don't mind me asking, do you toke regularly? Did you toke regularly (in the past)? If you are not retired what is or was your career and did you toke while doing it? Sorry, I'm not trying to get too personal, but I need someone to talk to….people who have already "been there" and "done that", someone older and more wise. I toke medicinally which Is why I'm wondering how other's have used it also. I was going to personal message you, but it will not allow me to view your name.
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    the more you become accustomed to how being high feels, the less paranoid you'll feel in the future. Also, I assume you are either a medical patient or from Colorado/Washington based on your age and experience. If you are, speak to your local "bud-tender" and tell him/her that you don't like heavy sativa strains. Sativa strains cause strong head highs, (racing thoughts, creative ideas, closed-eyes visuals, euphoria, etc) while Indica strains will make you feel relaxed, possibly tired, and with your body feeling very loose and slow. I prefer a nice Hybrid strain of the two, for a "best of both worlds" kind of high, but neither effect being too strong. You'll probably find certain strains that you'll like and just buy mostly those with a few varients. My personal favorite is the Blue Dream, but when I'm feeling adventureous and want to party with my friends, a good Trainwreck will totally warp your mind for a solid 1.5 to 2 hrs. I also have another list of strains I keep that are pretty good aphrodesiacs... lol. 
  19. Thanks for your help people.

    I gotta tell ya, yesterday I got pretty high after I quit posting here. It sucked. The worst high as far as paranoia I've ever had.
    It was like my brain was looking for something to worry about, and I went from one paranoia to another for a couple hours.
    (I THINK maybe it was because of this thread)
    It was exhausting and depressing because I decided if that's how it's gonna be, maybe I can't smoke it anymore.

    A little later in the evening I had a couple hits (from my corncob pipe) of Durban kush...that was nice. Relaxed, headache went away, not paranoid at all...just nice.
    No medical card. One day I came home from my chiropractor and told my oldest son I was thinking of getting a MMJ card, he said "Don't bother Dad, I can get you some"
    Since then he's been getting me more than I can even smoke.  Some of the names of the strains I can't find on the internet, so I'm wondering if "his guy's" just making them up.
    There's a dispensary just down the street that's waiting on their recreational license. When they get it, I'll go have a talk with the bud tender.
    I have so much to learn it seems a little daunting. This site, and the people on it are helping though.
    Yup..and not just once. As we all know, a thorough investigation requires more than one set of numbers.
    My intention was to get my BP during sex "low" twice, and my BP during sex whilst high, twice.
    Having stoned sex and trying to take my BP proved pretty much impossible. But it was fun trying.
    God bless my wife, she's a real trooper!
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    Not that anyone cares..but no paranoia the last 4 times I've "medicated".

    I think I was smoking too much at once. Going from 5 tokes to 2 ( just 1 first thing in the morning) is resulting in pretty nice highs...probably stick with that for awhile.
    I smoked some when I was a kid in the 70's. Back then I could easily smoke a bowl by myself. Weed isn't the same anymore, is it?
    (not complaining)

    Thanks again everybody!

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