Is it possible to grow plants with 40 watt Fluos?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by yinyang, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. i just came back from canadian tire and they didnt have anything much stronger than that in the fluos section. I was just wondering if this could work on my babies. And if not what light and wattage would would be the best to use all around?
    help would be appreciated.
  2. you could use a small flouro on some babies.. but about 3 days later they are going to want more light.. if I was a closet grower for myself.. I would definitely get at least a 400, so you can get some bang for your buck.. and get paid back.. otherwise.. you'll probly just be really pissed at what ended up happening
    So I guess no.. you can't grow a plant with 40 watts.. you could keep it alive.. I doubt it would gro much though..
  3. well a 40 watt fluoro would be the equivalent to 150 watts in terms of lumens so its ok
  4. you can, but youll be getting so much better results using:

    A) more watts
    B) diferent spectrum (MH or HPS lights)

    You maybe disapointed in the final result using 40 watt fluoros, or you might be happy as hell if a bud actually grows.

    Seems people around here use this forum for bussiness growing, and if so, HPS is the way to go. Still, i do encourage didactic self growing, even though its not going to be a cup winner cannabis.

    And moneywise, a 40 watt bulb will do pretty much nothing on your bill. So, try it, and decide for yourself if you are comfie ith getting little bud for little money.
  5. Ok, thx alot guys. got some quick answers on this one. Now if youll excuse me ill be leaving to get better lights.:D
  6. if its 40 watts get 4 more so you can have a total amount of 200 watts you can get a good 1.5 oz per plant but itd be wise if you invested in a 400 watt HPS you could double your Harvest from 3 to 4 Oz per plant remember get a fan with it get the combo Fan with Filter the cheapest on the net the air cooled hood is the way to go cause you can plug your fan right into it lowering tempatures dramatically
  7. I have 3x 40w flouros, 120w = 450w of lumens. Thats enough for my two plants
  8. yea im thinking about getting another 40 watt light which would give me 80. its only temporary until i put them outdoor.
    but i might buy an HPS light for the few im keeping inside.
    thx everyone.

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