Is it possible to get super high with the Magic Flight Launch Box?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Hippo Hero, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I think the slogan for the MFLB should be: "If you like getting mildly high and charging batteries, boy do we have a surprise in store for you."

    But I'm thinking possibly I'm not doing it right, not that there's a whole lot you can do. Even with like 4 hits from each battery (pretty much the max you can do before you have to charge it) I don't see myself getting as high as if I just packed my shoddy $20 acryl bong to the max capacity and took in a lung full.
  2. I've never gotten floored off the mflb. I always get blazed out my bong.
  3. ive seen alot of haters with the mflb.....

    Is it hard to use or does it not work well. Looks real cool tho

  4. The vape high is very different, and everyone experiences it differently. It helps a lot of people to try a week or so of just vaping to get really used to it. So you may want to try that.
    Other people claim to not get high from vapes, which is just bizarre to me because it is still inhaled THC, but still, apparently some people just can't get high from them.
    If you can get a buzz going, then you can get very high from it though.
    Make sure your grind is fine, and you shake it fairly often to get an even toast and no burning. Try inhaling a bit slower (or much slower), it should allow the vape to stay thicker throughout the hit since it will be a bit hotter.
    You could also try some stronger batteries, they help a lot of people.
    You should be able to get just as stoned off the same quantity of bud, generally people can get stoned off much less if they hold the hits for a long time to allow all the THC to be absorbed.
    I would recommend trying any or all of those things that you haven't already tried, give it about a week on just the mflb, maybe even take a day off for a T break, and see how it goes then. For many people all of that can make a very dramatic difference, and some people have gone from hating the LB to loving it.
  5. sounds like your doing it wrong... you should check out vaporpedia.. i usually get alot more than 4 hits before i need a recharge, check out the 2700s or the power adapter that magic flight came out with.

    1 trench gets me feelin it
    2 really does the trick
    3 i usually forget that im smoking it and dont even finish it :smoking:

    trying vapor bonging too. if you use the little devil to its full potential it can really pack a punch
  6. I can get more than 4 hits out of it, I just don't trust that it's putting out the same heating level. I feel like it's less than half power. Barely any condensation on the glass with a weak battery.
  7. I can get atleast 15 hits out of one fully charged battery. After 10 hits, its lights out. Yet again, ive been using my MFLB for a year now so i think ive mastered it. It takes time to get the perfect hit, but when you do, you will appreciate this vaporizer so much more:smoke:
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    Alright, I have had a MFLB since March 2011 and at first I was disappointed because the batteries it came with were too weak or something, barely any vapor. I went to Wal Mart and got a 4 pack of NiMH rechargeables, removed their wrappers and the difference was amazing! But it is true I can get more ripped off my bong but I use the MFLB most of the time and have gotten pretty ripped. I grind the herb very fine, seems to work better.
  9. The highest I've ever been was off of one trench of kush in my MFLB. I hadn't been toking long, but it blew away my first time smoking, months earlier. Nuff said.

    This was with stock batteries. It did have a learning curve, and I only got that high after several days of using the box regularly.

  10. ^^^this EXACTLY for me.

    and usually I can get at least 13 rips off of it.
  11. If you want to feel the smoking high, you have to endure the ronchy tasting high temp hits in a vape that start tasting like burnt popcorn.

    I get like 10-15 small hits off of a trench, and a good 20 or so off of each battery. I bought 4 so I always have fresh ones...
  12. Yes, you can. I had the same problem after a week.

    1. You NEED to let it heat up longer
    2. Slower draw
    3. Take more than 4 hits from a battery. I can get 15 with the first 10 being strong
    4. Buy some Maha 2700s, they are MUCH stronger and get it alot hotter
    5. Use the Maha's right after charging
  13. I get 4 trenches (not hits) out of one battery. I haven't reached 5 yet but I would say it's not impossible.

    Apparently the stock batteries with the newest version of the LB are the best. I guess that would place the 2700s behind them.

    1 trench had me good today on some sticky, but I went for the 2nd anyway. Took me hours to do those trenches though, I didn't sit on them.

    You might have a bad technique. I don't get floored, and the high is different than smoke, but it's still satisfying.
  14. I appreciate the tips guys, I'll start doing that. I typically use my vape for stuff I probably shouldn't be getting super high for. Like videogaming, frisbee golfing, and documentaries.

    What would you guys suggest? Let it heat up for 5 or so seconds then start a slow draw? Also are you supposed to blast through a trench at a time? I've been doing a trench over about 6-10 sessions usually. I just get frustrated having to keep going back at it.

    And LOL at burnt pop corn. That's exactly how I described the taste to a friend of mine who had never tried a vape.
  15. go watch the jdsupreme vids , if u dont know wat im talking about about just use the search function or type jdsupreme in youtube.

    in my experiences thus far having it for about 4/5 months is the better the bud the better the high. of course dry bud is the best texture/substance for the box but overall highgrade bud gets me pretty lifted. its teh regz/midz that give me the hardest time
  16. About 5 seconds is right, depending on your battery charge (longer if it's near dead, shorter if it's fresh).

    When you draw, try out new techniques. Watch this.


    There's a lot to read here on Vaporpedia.

    That link directs to the info on the above video, but scroll around.

    Last but not least over at FC there's a ton of info to learn, but much more reading and you probably won't get much more info than you would in that link above.

    There's the no stem technique (native), there's a whip you can buy, a bong adapter, etc. Also, a wall adapter.
  17. I have a moderate tolerance, it takes me a few big bong rips to get high. I usually get mediocre mids and the high/buzz lasts about an hour. If I get some super dank Candy Kush can I get ripped off of one trench with the right technique?
  18. You'll likely enjoy a trench of dank more than a few big rips of mids. But the highs are polar opposite.

    I wouldn't say "ripped" but it will be a good time...

  19. Its hard to say with each person's tolerance, and how they will respond to vapes vs smoking. If you keep smoking regularly and only use the vape on occasion the difference in the high is much more noticable, and you will likely feel that you aren't as high, if you spend time getting used to vaping then you will probably find that you can get just as high either way. I get much higher with a vape now from the same quantity of weed. As in the same quantity that would be 1 big bowl/1 session for me smoked can be used for 10+ times of getting pretty damn high.
    (With the MFLB I can't get quite the same efficiency yet, but I also have a very efficient home its quite a challenge to match, though it is possible.)
    So, could you get ripped off of one trench....I would say from my experience if your technique is good then yes, most likely you can, though it may take a bit more depending on your tolerance and your definition of ripped when it comes to vape.

  20. A battery will last a trench and a half(even stock) And i'm blazed off 2 hits with my high tolerance. Get better weed and stop complaining.

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