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Is it possible to get my tolerance back down to 0 ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cody8892000, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. i was wondering if it was possible to get my tolerance back down to what it was before i ever started smoking?? also i dont want to go a long ass time without smoking and a smoke a couple day and it be right back to where it is now...also right now i smoke every day and usually about 2-3 grams at night and about 1-2 throughout the day
  2. I think that going a while without smoking is the only way
  3. Best way for that is to completely stop untill theres not a trace of weed in your bloodstream. Even then you would still have a mental tolerance and you would have to wait a wicked long time before you could blaze again. Just take a normal one month t break
  4. yea but see i dont want to take that one month tolerance break and the 2 days later be back to where i am now..........when i first started smoking i would literally take 1-2 hits and be FUCKED UP now i can smoke 2 blunts and 5 bongs a night and still not getting nowhere near as high
  5. Maybe look into buying a vape?
  6. no, it's not possible to go back to the way you were before you ever took a hit.

    your brain, once exposed to THC, has compensated irreversibly. you can get your tolerance down, but it will never go away.

    i just came off a two-year break. smoking again was a lot of fun, and it was easy to get high. [half bowl of schwag got me good for two hours]

    but my brain knew what being high was like, and it wasn't anything like the first time i smoked, when i was giddy and amazed at this whole new world i had discovered.
  7. I've never smoked out of one. Is there really that big of a difference other than health benefits?
  8. smoke better weed

  9. good idea...just need to find it
  10. I'm about to try and take a break.

    A break from buying, atleast
  11. Hell yea there is dude its a pill called flush free niacin. i take 1000mg of it and it clears my entire system so that i piss clean for my probation. It'll do the job!:hello:

  12. This is one of the best pieces of advice Ive seen on here.

    Plus you really need to take a break. Take one month and then cut back smoke a g a day max or even smoke just a few times a week.

    I smoke on the weekends only but I smoke the super dank 2 hits I'm good and it helps my week go by so that i have something to look forwards to for the weekend.

    Though when i was in High school My best friend and i smoked an 1/4 of really good BC everyday.

    It just takes time to figure out what type of a smoker you want to be
  13. :rolleyes:

    Buy the headies. Sucks tho, I usually blaze 2 bowls of 1 hit quit shit to be where I want. If you smoke no more than once a day, your tollerance will stay in check.
  14. When people ask how to lower their tolerance, it's kind of sad... you KNOW the answer, grow some balls and do it, there's no magic way to make your tolerance vanish. To get it to how it was before you started smoking, say 3 months of no weed and exersize/healthy living should do it...
  15. stop for about a week or 2. cranberry juice and water will speed up the process. as will excersise
  16. i am being serious when i say this:

    i read on erowid, there was a trip report of mixing coke with weed and putting it into a blunt, for instance. The user said that the high was similar to the high experienced as a new smoker.

    i dont suggest using coke recreationally/habitually though.
  17. :confused: fuck that
  18. its called chewy
  19. you're just gonna have to go on a t-break and let it go back down by itself, when you smoke again you'll be high as a kite.
  20. It takes 2 months for THC to get completly out of your fat and if you wait that long you kinda start getting cravings too

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