Is it possible to distill bho at home?

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  1. So what I'm wondering is if it's possible to take some lower quality bho and distill it into something a little more potent and higher quality? I'm going to be processing some herb that isn't the greatest and quality is a lot more important to me than quantity in the final product.
  2. Certainly possible, THC distillate can be made using BHO as starting material.

    Distill as in fraction ingredients off at different temperatures to get distillate ect? Not easy without the proper equipment..

    If you mean purging the residuals from the BHO to get a cleaner product (which you should be doing anyway) you can make your own vac with a mason jar and some diy. Or use an actual vac oven, or barring those 2 options use a hot plate and whip the BHO until it crumbles. This might increase potency marginally but if you're doing a good long low temperature purge on the BHO it's unlikely to help.

    To take clean BHO and make a more concentrated product like Distillate requires constant temperature adjustment, reliable heat/cooling matrices, some glass/other lab equipment, and a lot of time.

    I think most people that make Distillate prefer Co2 extract because the consistency is easier to work with, but that is just what I've heard. Check out Grand Master Levels YouTube channel he live-streamed the whole process.

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  3. It is indeed possible and pretty simple with some inexpensive items from Amazon. Here is my set up. Multiple runs, as in any distillation process, will produce progessively more potent medicine. The oil is fairly easily seperated from the other component like terpenes with this method and no expensive vacuum system is needed.

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  4. Been looking on amazon and such. Looking to make a set up like this. Just haven't really known where to start. Or the process. Looks great.
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    The steam generator is a Kjedahl Bulb on top of a 250 ml Erlenmeyer flask. The flask I put into a small stainless steel pot and packed it in with sand (very stable this way). The adapter to route the steam from the top of the Kjedahl Bulb into the synthetic rubber tube is called a vacuum adapter, also with a 24/40 joint. All joints on the glass are specified as "24/40". The steam is routed to a small glass tube which is sized to fit through a thermometer adapter and was cut using a simple glass tube cutter.

    The boiling vessel shown is a two neck boiling flask sized at 250 ml. The boiling vessel sits in a heating/stirring mantel rated for 250 ml boiling vessels (and it also works great with a 250 ml cryogenic sublimator). On top of this is fitted a bent distillation tube that connects the boiling flask to the condenser unit. The condenser unit shown is a Liebig condenser. The water cooling tubes are silicone tube, and are connect back to my kitchen sink. On the faucet I have installed a diverting aerator with a ¼" tubing take off that allows the tap water to be routed through the tube. All connections are 24/40.

    Every single item I just listed except the sand was purchased from Amazon including the inexpensive glass tube cutter. A word of advice about the glass tube - the size they send you might not be the size they specify -the tubes they sent me were just a tiny bit too big and would not work

    The glass tube I did use is called an evacuation tube by Laboy (the Amazon supplier from China). I got that particular piece when I purchased thier complete short path distillation kit. Note also that I used a Liebig condensor in this video instead of the short path head I got in the Laboy kit. The short path head was what I used for the first videos of the process (posted on Vimeos website) but it is much more expensive and a bit more complex (with a thermometer sticking out the top), but the short path head worked fine. (plus this is a hobby for me and collecting each piece of glassware month to month is a reward by itself, so it takes VERY little for me to jutify another piece!)

    The clips holding the stuff together are called plastic Keck clamps for 24/40 labware joints.

    Also note that the Liebig condenser is hooked up to my kitchen sink and not a cooling bath. The oil will hold up in the Liebig condenser if you run cold water in it. The water trickle through the condenser has been set out of the tap to very hot which is why you see in the video the oil/water emulsion dropping out of the tube. When set to cold all thc oil emulsion will "hold up" in the condenser. Also note that injecting steam is TREMENDOUSLY stressful to the boiling flask in the configuration shown in the video. I ordered in and am waiting for a three neck boiling flask along with a 25ml addition funnel (Laboy) with 24/40 joints and plan to reconfigure the set up (more stuff yay!)

    Each boiling flask so far used has developed cracks below and around the steam injection port after 2-4 uses, so the setup will be modified to address this. I plan to show another video of the modified process, but my plan is with the addition funnel to add the extract at the same time and rate as the steam rather than put all the extract into the boiling flask initially which I predict will relieve the thermal stresses that cause this cracking.

    The joints I smoked during the process are not currently available on Amazon, but are of the mostly Indica dominant variety lolz!

    May your days be warm and pleasant, your weed be dry, and your lighter always handy and full.
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  6. Here is another way to further refine extract by vaporizing it then scrubbing the vapor to recover the medicine.

    Note that this method with almost no modifications can also extract from dry flower and do so every bit as efficiently as if you were vaping it yourself. I wll make a video in a few days demonstrating the extraction of hash oil via vaporization. I have a different vaping vessel in mind, but otherwise will use the same rig.
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