Is it possible to change noisy fans in UFO led?

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  1. Hi!:wave:

    I decided to experiment with LED and bought a 135w UFO from Green Lamp on ebay:

    135W LED UFO GREEN LAMP Grow panel better than 90W Light Board 3W LED Flowering 5060245415521 | eBay

    As far as the light goes, it seems to be doing good on vegging and happy with it so far....however the fans are well noisy.

    I'm using a secret jardin DP90, 90cmx60cmx60cm; and a S&P TD160 extract fan.
    The S&P is very quiet and not too noticeable but the UFO is annoyingly loud,even louder than 6" clip on fan for air movement inside the box.

    I contacted Green Lamp asking if I could customize it somehow with quieter fans and they replied with this...
    We would not recommend altering the UFO as it needs the fan to keep it cool. Any alterations would be done at your own risk. Sorry we cant be of anymore assistants."

    Mmm, unhelpful and dyslexic.

    I bought another 2nd hand UFO at an ultra cheap price, one of those cheap looking Chinese jobs and the previous owner had replaced with Nexus fans and it's running quiet, so much quieter than the Green lamp UFO.

    Not getting a response from him about where he got it done or how or what needs to be considered in customizing so I'm turning to Grass City for any advice.

    Is there anyone out there who knows how to quieten the UFO and not destroy it by unplugging the wrong thing???
  2. they gave you the "if you mess with it we will not replace it" response

    yes you can replace the fans with quieter one's... but before you do anything you want to inspect the fans and get model numbers...

    you want fans that have at least the same CFM ratings as the fans that are currently in there... you will need the model numbers off the fans to get the specs...

    then you just need to find fan(s) with a lower DB or decibel rating than the fans already in there...

    I don't think their plug and play... im willing to bet their soldered... i'd practice before super heating wiring that goes to a board...

    I'd also suggest cutting the wires in half and soldering wire to wire, rather an on a board or on a fan if you've never done it before... remember to tape or heat shrink your connections

    report back
  3. Thanks Tihspeed for the process breakdown, that has clarified things :)

    Now soldering ain't a strong point of mine but am willing to improve.

    It does make me a bit nervous though doing it myself as the extent of my experience with circuit boards is replacing ram and hard drives.

    Could I mess up the built-in thermo-sensitive devices and how do they connect to the fans?
  4. no, it will not mess it up... most fan's are 3 wire... just make sure the fans you get are matching

    once again, if you have not soldered before, just practice soldering wire to wire... then just cut the old fan wires in half and cut the new fan wires in half... then solder them together and use heat shrink or electrical tape to ensure there are no shorts

    its a pretty easy process... once you have the technique down feel free to move on to boards and fan leads...

    SOLDER SPLASH is your enemy.... so focus on NOT doing that
  5. I've done this. Inside the led there are two power supplies coming from the cable you plug in the wall. They both have red and black wires Coming out of them. Follow the ones that go to the fans. More than one fan may be on a power supply. You don't need to solder, it's low voltage, you can just twist and use a small orang wire nut and some electric tape. Just make sure you get the right size fans so your mounting holes line up
  6. Thanks guys for the input!

    The light's doing it's flowering duty at the mo which will last for another month or so, got it all rigged up with bungees etc so it's a pain to undo it all.

    Will definitely give it a go though and peenutt, it's comforting to know you did it.
    Was it the same Green Lamp 135w?
  7. Hi satma :)

    How is it going with your fan modification ?

    /edit add/

    Ooops ! Just realised your post date, so you are still in flowering phase.

  8. i am about to buy this 135w ufo led from green lamp ltd..since i found very few infos about it in internet (except green lamp site and ebay), is it worth buying ?

    thanks in advance
  9. I have spoken to a couple of people with them who say they have good results, but only in an area about 2x2 feet.


  10. thank you for the infos..already purchased it !

  11. Nice one !

    Let us know how it is.

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    Mine wasn't a green lamp. It was a blackstar 135 but the same thing really. I did it with a 100w blackstar too. Just use a lower voltage fan.
  13. Hi nibs!:wave:

    Yes ain't got round to the fans yet but the light's doing pretty good so far with my bagseed.

    Guss, got some pics for you so you can see how this light flowers, started flowering on 10th August so just under a month, took these a few days ago but she's grown some more since:

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  14. Will give it a go, gonna get some nexus fans for it I think
  15. Didn't get any support from Greenlamp about noise but I guess they don't want people messing with the light, they said they're not selling a whisper quiet light.
    Fair do's but most people don't like a noisy fan.
    Happy with the results so far, will like it more when I succeed in customizing.
    Will definitely do a step by step with pics here when I get round to it for anyone who's interested.

    Will I attain the desired quiet light or fuck it up royally?
    Watch this space!

  16. Just remember you may get quiet. Never silent. I haven't found a tru silent fan yet. Every fan will make some kind of hum for whine noise.

  17. Yes, my other ufo has quiet enough fans so that's my measure, as long as it's quieter than my extract fan I'm happy.

    I heard there are fanless lights in the making but not up to scratch yet.
  18. I delivered it a couple of days ago, works like a charm...! I found the sound of the fans, not disturbing at all...:)

  19. good for you guss:)
    guess I just got a noisy one but gives me a mini project to modify it.

    hope it works out well for you!

    post some pics if you want, I don't know anyone else using a greenlamp, it'll be great to see results from other grows.

  20. Thank you my friend, i will surely post pics when i start my first grow... Atm i m waiting to deliver arjan's haze 3 seeds, greenlamp led delivered, secret jardin dark room 2 160x60x60 cm also delivered! I m still wondering though, if the greenlamp's fans are enough for the growroom...

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