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Is it possible to be... immune to pot?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by urban experienc, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. alright well just a little update

    i smoked a fat spliff of jack haze and good tobacco

    nothing. felt a little chilled out and found myself staring at shit for no reason, but definitely not high.

    that marks the last try at smoking.

    however the last try at pot in general will be a nice batch of halloween brownies.

    if that doesn't do it... it must mean i have some kind of irregular blood flow or something. just doesn't make sense to me.
  2. I reexplained it.

    I said i worded it wrong.I said he doesnt get high but it heps with his conditions,not exactly immuned.I cant explain into deeper detail for I am not a scientist,doctor,or him.

  3. Sounds like its starting to work to me.When I started smoking I smoekd probably 5 times and the 3rd and 4th time i got really chilled out and stuff.You said you tried it more than 40 times though so I have no idea.

    Do you take any medication?Dont know if thats been asked before but it may be your problem.
  4. ^^^ would also like to know if you take medication.
  5. Take a decent hit, hold it in for 7-10 seconds, then exhale, if you dont see any or a very small amount of smoke come out you did it right. Also your mood can play into it, are you paranoid or not liking the place you are in to smoke? If thats the case you may be high but are canceling it out.
  6. ^ definitely inhaling right, and i always smoke with friends in really chill places

    nope, no meds fo me

    as a matter of fact im completely medfree

    no vaccines, no shots, nothing like that, since birth
  7. wow . never heard of such a thing . but i guess its possible . try drinking and smoking ... may react differently
  8. Well I am stumped.

    Any medical conditions?
  9. i have to agree with everyone who says u can't be immune.
    it's weird that u say that though cuz i used to get really bad dry mouth after smoking.
    and now i've been smoking everyday for the last 2 months and have yet to get it. I was thinking my body is just getting used to me smoking.
    but who knows.
  10. I don't think. You can become immune to pot.. But deffanitly you can build up a slight imunity.
    Like I know if i dont smoke all day and take one bong rip. I'm get blazed.
    But If I smoked all rip just doesnt cut it.
  11. hey guys just a little update

    i got high

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  12. There really is a small percentage of people that cannabis does little to nothing for them.
    I wonder if its a broken endo cannibinoid system not having the correct function. Maybe they can't even recognize the chemicals, the activation of the receptors should induce a high.

    I wonder if edibles also do nothing for a person with this syndrome. THC 12 is different then 9 and needs to pass through your liver before the endo system can use it.

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  13. What was the magic combo? I was going to say try concentrates

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  14. Bro you realize this is from 2008 they’re probably long gone by now
  15. But he updated on September 20th of 2018, that is why the thread was pulled from the graveyard by the OP, he got high eventually.
    So I'm allowed to be curious if he updated less then a month ago.
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  16. yeah man the OP replied 10 years later and said "update, i got high" lol
  17. I had some girl scout cookies that I'd really like to see you take 2-3 nice hits of and walk away not high.

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