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Is it possible to be... immune to pot?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by urban experienc, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. And I'm not talking about the kid who's smoked shitty weed 3 times and hasn't felt anything...

    ...I'm talking about the one who's smoked joints, blunts, spliffs, out of bongs, bowls, double bubblers, pipes, eaten brownies, and all in all wasted a TON of weed due to never getting high.
  2. .....shitty weed? lol i dont think you can be immune....
  3. Nope, I've smoked with all my friends who've been smoking for a while who get absolutely ripped. It's not the weed. The only thing I was thinking is if my throat and lungs are like constructed in a way that the smoke just doesn't go down there... doesn't really make sense to me but that's about all I could come up with. I've sucked in and pushed it as far into my lungs as possible, and coughed like there was no tomorrow, but still nothing.
  4. I would die if I could never get high again.
  5. That sucks man.

    Maybe it'll change with time. I didn't start getting high until a few months after i started smoking
  6. you should ask your doctor

    oh wait, dont do that
  7. go to a pot friendly state and ask a doctor, or you could ask your doctor, they can't legally report you for asking a question, they legally can't disclose any information about you without a warrant

  8. That is true.

    Maybe it's your inhalation technique?

    Take a hit, then stop. Then inhale air into your lungs without blowing out first.

    Shit, I'm stoned and I know that doesn't sound right.

    Take hit, hold hit. Inhale air, wait a few seconds, exhale. Best way for beginners to know they got the hit.
  9. Like the above poster said , it seems that you are not inhaling correctly.
    A trick I used when I first started smoking was to pull the smoke in my mouth, open it and breathe in(works everytime)
  10. Yeah, its gotta be your hits. i've never met anyone who was immune to weed... Just breathe like you do normally...
  11. the human body can be immune to many things so i wouldn't be surprised if you could be immune. next time you get bud, make a gbong (it pretty much forces the smoke into your lungs)
  12. #12 Hobo173, Sep 5, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 5, 2008
    100% YES

    I personally know two people that are fully immune. They can smoke as much as humanly possible and it does nothing to them.

    One dude went toe to toe with me on the Volcano. We went through a quarter of dank in one night. I knew about his immunity but thought it could be overcome. I know he was inhaling because I counted the number of hits in the bag. I couldn't move or feel my body at the end and his eyes were perfectly clear and he felt nothing. We were toking until I couldn't use the Volcano anymore and he got nothing.

    Another girl went to Amsterdam with me. I knew about her immunity but bought her some dank joints anyway. We each killed 5 huge joints and she felt nothing. Eyes clear. I was almost tripping. She smokes cigs so I know she inhales.

    I feel really sorry for these people that they can never experience the herb. They feel the same way because they see so many people enjoying it. It's like a handicap.:cry:

    A cure must be found.
  13. *cries* it must be so horrible...
  14. I'm hoping to see a post titled "Oh my god I got high!" soon :p

  15. nah man, just hit it harder. When i first started, i had the same problem. What you need to do is imagine the joint or blunt or bowl as a straw and sort of "suck" the smoke in. Really commit to hitting it, hold it and blow it out slow. you'll be high and happy.

    remember, enjoy smoking. If you expect anything, it won't be that great. be free of expectation and hit that shit.
  16. I know a person that couldnt get high becouse of a Brain tumor.

    I also know one other guy that cant get high at all and its been that way for him for about 2 years.He lives in California and gets Med grade,so it doesnt have to do with "shitty weed"
  17. Uhm, so why would he be buying herb for 2 years if it doesn't get him high?
  18. Yah i think it may be possible to be immuned.
    Iv smoked with this one chick tones of times and she never gets high?
  19. maybe you dont have the receptors in your brain? are you ever happy or in a good mood or whatever?

  20. Well for your information its his medicine :rolleyes:

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