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Is it possible to be... immune to pot?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by urban experienc, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. u need to hold your hits in longer. give it a try. :smoking:
  2. I don't see how effective the treatment can be if someone is immune to it.

    I can't think of many conditions that would be worse than being unable to get high. Maybe AIDS or cancer. Maybe.
  3. iv had temporary immunity like when i smoked a quarter of dank a day for like a month haha
  4. dood they probly arent inhaling this guy i new didnt get high until he used a bong wich kinda forces you to inhale before that he would just put in in his mouth and push it out

  5. I can see the commercials already: a guy's sitting on a corner smokin a J looking really down, then some middle-aged women in a suit steps in and says "This is michael. He has smoked a whole ounce today, and he still isn't high. there are thousands of these people around the world, and only you can help - with just a small donation you can make a difference in someone's life"
  6. Just becouse something doesnt get you high doesnt mean it doesnt work as a medicine.He may be immune to the "effects"of marijuana but that certainly doesnt mean it doesnt help his condition,and for your information it DOES help him.

    What do you mean you cant think of anything worse than not being able to get high on Marijuana.There are tons of things that are far greater of importance than getting high.For one being in good health,money and countless others also.
  7. I dont know about immune, but I think allergic. I got rolled in middle school back in the day and I remember the cop putting it in are principles hand and then she dropped it and started telling us hows shes allergic to weed and when was a kid she went to a concert and everyone was smoking and she had to go to the hospital at the show!
  8. Do you smoke correctly? I mean, the odds of you being immune is just out of the question.
  9. I dunno guys... I've done that method of puff hold deep breathe hold release, I was even at this beach party and went off to smoke a j by myself so I could try different shit without looking stupid, for whatever reason I tried smoking with my glasses on to see if it made a difference. I cough a lot, and the weed we smoked out of a bowl yesterday was supposedly like some tropical exodus shit I don't even know. I think there's a really good chance I'm immune in some form.

    I'm gonna just not try for a while maybe like a month or so, probably wait until Halloween because at this point I feel bad for my friend's who's weed I'm wasting and I don't want to waste any of my own. At this point I've smoked 50+ times and haven't gotten high, and that's a lot a lot a lot of weed wasted.

    And yeah haha I definitely have the receptors to be happy... Rock the Bells 08 pretty much proved that more than anything.

    But that kind of upsets me that someone up there said it is possible... because that's what I'm probably dealing with.
  10. he said brownies also. looks like your outta luck chuck
  11. Again, how does it help him if he is immune to the effects?

    If I'm immune to the effects of Advil, my headache isn't going to go away. I'm not going to keep taking it for two years.

    Well, it was a tongue-in-cheek comment, others understood it. I guess it was too much for you.
  12. One of the shittiest parts is that I've made a whole new group of really chill friends since I started (unsuccessfully) smoking... I love these people, but they all think I'm getting high. I mean I told my best friend about this and he's just as stumped as I am, but I can't imagine what other people would say if they found out... it'd be like finding out Hugh Hefner is a virgin.

  13. You just have a super high natural tolerance. Trust when I tell ya, I got some stuff here...I dont care who you are, I could get you stoned.(I've been known to put even the most prolific smokers on the couch.) I'm 275lbs and smoke like a Navajo cheif. Don't get me wrong my tolerance is through the roof. Regs and mids are a complete waste of time for me. Like smokin hay. Its high grade all the way around my place. Having said that, I still have some buds that I can't smoke and drive! I just bet a few good solid tokes with me and you would feel the same. IMO Much Love.

    * Lets have a blunt of this Northern Lights, then we could smoke a bowl or two...maybe a joint to top it all off. Yeah your high. Go ahead you can chill on the couch for as long as you need.

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  14. There are people 100% immune to it. Read my earlier post.

  15. I mean like searching throughout the internet, I'm one of only like two people who have posted their experiences on the web. There must be some kinda of "cure" or if not that at least some kind of explanation.

    I know my purpose in life
  16. I sure didnt see "others comment your comment.

    I should have said it alittle bit differently.He doesnt get high on weed,but it DOES help him with his pain and condition.Why you want to argue over someone that uses MMJ but doesnt get high is beyond me.

    Its his choice to continue smoking weed even IF it didnt help him out.I dont see why that makes you so upset.
  17. Maybe he likes the taste! I know I do, except I get high as SHITTTT too:)
  18. Yeah he really enjoys the taste and a few other thinga bout it.I am glad you see this.+ rep.
  19. It would suck to test positive for THC if you've never been high and just toke for the taste.

    I feel so sorry for these people:cry:
  20. I don't really care if he wants to waste his money or not, I was curious as to how marijuana helps him if he's immune to it. You never have explained it...

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