Is it okay to eat altoids like candy?

Discussion in 'General' started by Toxy, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Is there something in them thats bad for your stomach? Because I've been eating these like sunflower seeds...
  2. Idk but you must have amazing breath...wanna make out?
  3. Yeah if you get even a minor stomach ache I would contact the poison control center immediately and explain what just happened.. Good luck bro
  4. Ya sure.
  5. Is there a warning on the box? If you get sick and or die, you might have a case
  6. this thread has inspired me to eat an altoid too. just one though...

    OP, wanna make out?

    ps; apparently the tin says the serving size is 3 pieces. 10 calories per serving. so you're just getting fat on mints...
  7. Hey lets all three make out :ey:
  8. Lets do it. Oh, and I like girls that put on flavored chap stick before they kiss me :yummy::yummy:
  9. I seriously doubt that it will kill you. As far as I know altoids are just basically mints, and I've eaten shitloads of mints before.
  10. I used to eat cough drops and tooth paste but idk im now mentzlly ill
  11. Well altoids ARE candy... So yeah
  12. Your breath smells good...let's have an orgy!

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