is it ok to watch stoner movies while you're not high?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by liljeff420, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. i found dazed and confused online and i want to watch it for the first time but i have no weed but i have nothing else to do right now. also is it against the rules here to post a movie link? if its not i'll post the link to it so you can all go watch it.
  2. I saw half baked the first time not high... not so great lol
  3. No you may not
  4. i may not watch it or i may not post a link?
  5. no film for u. wank time pls.
  6. dude look at the time you posted that at
    edit: oh you miight be in a different time zone but here it was 4:20
  7. ya its 3:20 for me but i dig it. awesome. The other day i was walking around and i saw bus number 420 pull up. I felt an urge to get on it even though it was going somewhere where i wasnt. I love the number 420 cuz i look for it all over. Anyway, ive been dry for a good bit and ive actually been using the top 10 stoner movie list and watching them.

    Its OK but it makes me rlly wet for some dank shit. Kinda sad, but at the same time pretty awesome.
  8. Dazed and Confused is only so much of a stoner flick anyway. I mean, sure they smoke pot, but really it's a high school coming-of-age film. A great one too.

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