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Is it ok to smoke bud with the tiniest bit of grey mold in it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Inthedirt4good, Oct 1, 2010.

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    Looking for some Feedback and the question

    So if you had some bud with just a little grey mold in it, after drying it out, barely seeing it with the naked eye.. gotta use a magnifier, in very very small sites.. dormant.. Would it be Ok to smoke it?

    Its not rotting or spreading at all..
  2. I dont think it will kill you, maybe get really sick in worst case scenario?
  3. Are you on any form of immunosuppressive drug (such as a steroid inhaler for asthma) or do you have any history of allergies to mold, dust etc.?
  4. i'm pretty sure its regular grey bud mold. been cutting out the junk like a surgeon for days. hoping to salvage a little.. Thanks for stopping by and posting!
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    Hey the Red. Saw some information you posted on another thread.. good stuff.

    No immune suppressing medications, nor worries with transplants, allergies, disease, recent invasive surgery... strong and healthy immune system, no respiratory problems.. pretty healthy.

    ( did you have the calcium chloride fan set up? if so.. Wicked Smart )
  6. hey thanks for voting, i'm going to watch these results carefully.

    If you vote Strongly Agree... or Strongly Disagree. Please, offer a couple words on your vote.

  7. think of what people went through in the holocaust, and you think a little bit of mold is going to hurt you? thats how i look at shit
  8. Bake @ 300º for 15 min. to kill mold spores.
  9. Appreciate all feedback from you guys. Would like hear from a few more members with experiences.
    (hell i'm sure its fine especially thinkin about all that crap i got back in highschool)
  10. dont bake it... you will just vape it so your best off just cutting off the little mold and going about you bowl
  11. If it is as small as you describe, you probably won't get sick from it. That being said though, there is tons of weed all over the world and I would just pickup more from a different source, because I get paranoid about things like that. It's really up to you, I've known people who have smoked worse, and if it is high quality, then smoking mids probably is worse because of all the nutrients and fertilizer not being flushed out.
  12. Good point on the nute flush risk.

    99% organic (besides for a little MGrow in the beginning and the cellophane wrapper around the peat pot)

    ((this is all hypothetical btw.))
  13. :hello:

    Hope this thread stays alive a little longer

  14. wait, what
  15. with 26 voters. currently 6 strongly agree and 6 strongly disagree
  16. Use all the bud and stems for a butane extract? Cut out the parts that have visible mold.
  17. This is true, hash can be made and consumed.
  18. incorrect. some lesser cannabinoids may be vaped off, but most dont vape till higher temperatures and thc doesnt vape till 375ish F

  19. Sound advice. The mold we're talking about is barely visable.

    I take it some mold is expected if you cure without proper dry time. Learning alot here about, thank you!


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