is it ok to put a light on my plants?

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  1. this is my 1st attempt at growing, i put about 30 seeds in 4 solo cups (about 12oz) with miracle grow and after 1 week i have about 10 lil plants.....the best lookin plants are about 2-3" high w/ 1 set of leaves.

    so far the cups have been sitting by my back window, so due to lighting issues my plants grow towards the window (sun light) so for the past 2 days i've been rotating my tray of cups, but i've been reading that if they dont get enough light...that the plants will stretch towards the light (and make the stems weaker)

    so my question is: can/should i put a desk lamp over the plants? about 75 watts about 6" above the tallest plant??? thanks for any kind of help

    oh and i am working on making a lil grow room:D
  2. yes the stem will weaken if they stretch..but sunlight wont make em stretch that much i dont think, but dont have any experience growin using the sun...
    what kind of light is your desk light..only some types of light will work for growin...cfl, hps and mh...your desk light wont be hps or mh, but it might be cfl..if it is, by all means use it...if not, go to a home depot or something and pick up some cfls, their really cheap so no worries there...

    good lck on grow room
  3. damn my light is just a fesk lamp, and about the stretching...when all the plants go towards the light they start to wrap around eachother (thats why i worrie about the leaning). are cfls bulbs? and if so could i just use them in house lights/lamps? and about how much is realy cheap? (because im really broke)
  4. CFL's are the windy bulbs you see at stores. The higher the wattage the better. And yes most can just screw into any normal socket.(though some of the higher wattage ones need a special fixture) A 42 watt cfl from homedepot is like 10 bucks so even broke people can get afford it.
  5. Don't forget : a plant in front of the window with a CFL blasting on it is asking for looks from someone outside....
  6. Hey man, I can totally help you out here, cuz i was doing the same thing you did. I had already read up on germinating seeds, so i tried it one day with some decent bagseed...and out popped my plant i have today. The only difference is ive been using a 150watt cfl ( flourescent ) go here :

    Thats what it will look like. except, i say go with a 150w bulb, maybe 2. and make sure they are the daylight kind. You can tell because its more blue of a light than the regular witch are orange...or dim. Anyways, then you can just string up a couple of these : Grow/SA400042.jpg

    They hold a light bulb up to 150w, which is perfect, and hang from the power cord, or you can string it up and hang it, cuz it has a little hook thing on it...the way I have it set up, is the way i think you should set it up if your looking to just grow a little bit in your room, and if you have 10 plants...your chances of getting female plants is higher. take a look at all my pics Grow/

    oh, i can tell you how i fixed my stretching problem...cuz it sounds like you have a bad should take some pics by the first plant, which is the big one in my pics, stretched a lot because i wasnt planning on it coming out of the soil..actually, it had totally slipped my mind. But i noticed it and it was streatched pretty bad, so i decided to fix it, and went out and got some soil and some perlite. ( get soil that drains well, you should probably even go with soilless mix and 20% perlite mixed in it...workin great for me. And the ph level is at 6.5 which is perfect ) Then when i transplanted it from this pot into its own little cup, i buried the stem down into the soil and only had it sticking out of the soil so much...about where i thought it should be, if i hadnt let it stretch out. ( p . s . im kinda stoned right now so excuse the fuck ups in spelling and grammer and such. )

    and as you can see in the pics, she looks fine, well, for the most part. any way, good luck. Let us know what you decide to do.
  7. oh i forgot to say, 2 of those lights will cost you 20 bucks, maybe 25...and those reflectors will cost you like 15 bucks.
  8. wow thanks for the reply and nice set-up.... how much bud did you end up with after the grow? and i dont know how to post pics or i would. and for my light issue: i'm now using 2 20watt light's (the sprial energy lights) i just turned them off (i plan on running them 14-18 hours a that good?)
  9. 30 seeds in 4 cups -- so you've got 7-8 seeds in each cup? You need to get those sprouts separated into their own containers or the roots will be forever intertwined.

    You also ought to get them out of that MG soil, it is pre-fertilized and particularly for baby plants can burn the roots, but also no good for later because it will cause over-fertilization. Get some generic organic potting soil with no ferts.

    Looks like you also have a lot of reading to catch up on. Look to the grow guides and other sticky posts at the top of each forum here to get you going.
  10. thanks for the advice, i know i have alot of reading to do (been reading...but alot more to come) there any ferts. that you reccomend?? and right now since the plants are in mg. should i still keep the lights on them?
  11. you should get some better soil and then carefully transplant the sprouts into their own containers. that's what you should do. then worry about your lights.
  12. my bad i must of been soil is an "organic plant soil" so it's not m.g. and i looked on the back, there was nothin about numbers(i.e. 10-20-10..... or any ph levels) is this soil ok?? i need to know before i go out and buy more soil
  13. is this soil ok?
  14. Yes. If there are no ferts in the soil it should be fine.
  15. cool thanks!!

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