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is it ok to keep smoking the same bud?(indica vs. sativa)

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mr.niceguy619, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. well im new to having a choice of which bud to buy (i got my med card), now i smoke for 2 reasons: 1. for my back pain (the reason i have the med card) and 2. to get high.

    because of my back pain (it hurts when i walk alot, along distance, lifting, or constant sitting and pretty much all the time) i've been smoking indica's by choice. I've been wondering can anything bad happen because of this??? (also will it effect my tolerance?) like i said im new to this so i'd appreciate any info/advice:hello:

    *** on a sidenote if anyone needs to know (to help with an answer) i smoke about 1/8th every 2-3 days:smoking:

    (im working on growin my own)
  2. I like to switch it up, because the effects are a bit different and by changing I don't get "used" to it as quickly. But that's the only reason. I don't think the type has effected my tolerance or anything. That's my experience. Also there's nothing bad that can happen by smoking all Indica or all Sativa, it's just whichever you like/feel like smoking at the time.
  3. thanks for the reply! anyone have any different opinions
  4. I can give a bit more info on the differences between the two, but I'm assuming you already know that since you're asking :)
  5. well i know a lil bit but im always down to learn more

  6. Well most of what I know is the differences in how they grow, but...

    (also remember, everybody reacts a bit differently... you may know some people who get really hyper and you may know some people who go comatose on the same weed, but in general...)

    Indica: Dense nugs, high in CBD and I think CBC (can't remember acronyms exactly), which are what gives the "knock out" and heavy feeling. Very rarely gives paranoia, although a lot of "couch-lock". A very "body" high, as in, you really *feel* it, but it's not so much of a mental feeling.

    Sativa: Pretty much the polar opposite. Fluffy nugs, higher ratio of THC to other chemicals, which makes a very psychoactive "mental" high. You can still feel it, obviously, but there's more of an uplifting mental feeling and less of a feeling in your body.
  7. wow thanks for the info, so do sativa's have more thc than indica's?
  8. Not really, they're about the same. You can actually grow Indicas with low CBC and CBD amounts, you just have to harvest them earlier. The longer the bud is on the (living) cola, the more of those compounds form and the more of a couch-lock you'll get.

    Here's a good source of info on the compounds in MJ. I may have said the wrong ones, like I said earlier, I can't remember the different acronyms :p

  9. indica plants are usually more short and fat with wider leaves. The high from indica is like a couch lock. it produces mainly a body high. Sativa plants are usually taller and skinnyer with thin finger like leaves and the high is a buzzy head high(usually). Nothing bad can happen from choosing one over the other, its just what kind of high you desire.

    their are also many strains that have properties of both indica and sativa. Congrats on your med card man... there are manny medical mj clinics around. you can go to for a whole list of the ones in your area!
  10. In my opinion the only way you can keep smoking the same bud is if you keep changing your routine. The change in routine will allow you to get a good high from the same bud over and over again. In my opinion if you keep changing strains then you will never gain tolerance to one or the other. Im not saying your tolerance wont build at all but it will be much more gradual . . . nothing that a 3 day break wont help though. Indo versus sativa argument . . . hmm the age old argument to me is all about preference. Indo is much easier to smoke as it is smoother on the way down cause sativa is usually harsh. Sativa gives you that head high and indo gives you the body high so whatever you like. I like my uncle prefer the old style bud which is usually sativa. He tells me that back in the late 70's early 80's in northern california all of the high quality bud was sativa as no one wanted to by the shitty mexican shit.

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