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is it ok for you to ask your dealer...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eyeinfluence, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. for a picture of the bud you wanna buy? or is this considered, noobish and rude?
  2. Its considered rude in my opinion because they not have that kind and your asking them that you wanna buy just that kind so then they'll be less likely to sell to you.
  3. seems kinda pointless
  4. haha why would they show you a picture when they could just show you the bud. hahaha never ask your dealer something like that man.
  5. Yeah, you could ask, don't expect one though. Most dealers wouldn't do that. Just inspect it in person before you handover the money, real eyes are better than a cameras eyes anyways=p
  6. Just ask him to describe it. If it's way worse than he says then don't buy it. Or if you can't tell which weed looks like what then get it and post a pic on here and you can get a general feel for if you got ripped off.
  7. Why would you need a picture of the product if it's right in front of your face? It's not a coffeshop, he's just a dealer man...
  8. If you're not going to look at the actual weed before you buy it, seeing a picture isn't going to help anyway, is it? ;)

    I'd also guess that most drug dealers don't want to send out too many pictures of drugs that can be traced back to their email, phone, etc... It's not eBay. :D
  9. You people have bad critical thinking skills. Of course he isnt asking for a pic when its right in front of him.....You never shop around trying to find the best deal? Getting a pic of a dealers current buds will give you an idea if its what you want or not and if its worth your time/money.

    Dont ask him unless you two are really close, and chances are he wont do it.
  10. Ya thats true, if you really want to just see which one of your dealers has the best buy a dime from all of them. Then smoke different dimes everyday and you will know..:smoke:
  11. I'd ask the dealer if you can see his driver's license. That'd be sweet.
  12. Thats pretty rude and noobish if you ask me. Unless you have a good reason behind asking him, then no.

    One time My dealer, well hes my friend too, showed me what he had on an Instant messenger video chat. I was able to see the full bag and knew he wasnt kidding around. Needless to say I didnt believe he had a whole pound.
  13. It was a joke. Of course no dealer is going to want to show his driver's license.
  14. The point is anyone can send a picture of anything and it doesn't mean that's what will be in the bag.

    Drug dealers aren't like Target & Wal-Mart. Nothing before seeing exactly what's handed to you matters at all when it comes to drug dealing.

    Plus, I can't imagine the average dealer taking picture requests too seriously. It's not like they have a shortage of people that are just happy to show up and pay for what they get... like normal people do. :D

    Want to know if you're getting a good deal? Bring a scale.
  15. You should trust your dealer enough to expect a good chop.
    If you need a picture to confirm that it's good, then you should probably find a more reliable dealer.
  16. oh yeah sure 1 sec.....sent. now meet me in a dark alleyway.
  17. I wouldn't...
  18. cant you just see it face to face? or look for pics online? whaaaaat
  19. Are you asking if you can present a picture to them and ask if they got that kind? If so that`s pretty noobish.

    Or are you asking for them to present a picture to you of their stock? In which case you`d be considered high maintenance.

    If you want a certain type of weed then say, "Hey man, do you got any blueberry kush?" (As an example.) If yes you`re in luck, if not, make due with what they got. You should never ask a dealer for a specific kind of weed and not buy even if they don`t got it. They`d think you`re a goof. Probably pinch, or never hook up from there on.

    Ask what they got, and take what they got. If it`s not what you`re looking for buy a smaller amount. A dime or something.
  20. this has nothing to do with this thread lmfaoo. but are you spanish? something about you tells me your spanish. :)

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