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Is it OG KUSH?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mrblu, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. Last friday i tried weed for the first time. My friends bought it off a dealer that gets his stuff from a med shop My friend said the dealer sold it to him for 15 a gram. Which is pretty cheap for OG KUSH around my area. On the bag it said HHA OG. I looked up some pics of OG KUSH and the weed i smoked looked nothing like it. It didn't have trichomes or orange hairs on it. It was just light green and looked like a broccoli or some shit. I took like 4 deep hits(coughed a little) and only felt a lil light headed. All of my friends said they felt a head high.
  2. If you dont know, then probably no chance of ever knpwing. No one on the internet is going to be any further help.
  3. Ahhh, iv narrowed it down.. what you had was Og crossed with wild broccoli!
    Nah man no one can tell you what you had, but Og is gonna blow your mind, not just a little head high.
  4. it's a bird!
  5. Strain names don't really mean anything, be it from a dispensary or a dealer.
  6. u... are... dumb...

    I think what he is trying to say is that it hardly matters what kind of strain name it is, as long as the desired phenotypes are present. This is what I care to know, is it a Sativa or an Indica? was it grown to produce a higher THC content (which I do not prefer, I like having a good average between THC and CBD, when it is grown specifically for high amounts of THC, there is lower amounts of CBD)

    all that is underlined is not told by a simple name. you actually have to ask questions or figure it out on your own. It is like my name. It helps label me, but it does not identify who I am.
  8. Lol looks like someone took advantage of your noobiness and sold you some serious mids for 15 a gram. Don't worry though, it happens to all of us.
  9. strain names are kinda bull shit
  10. I think it was weed you were smoking on.
  11. wild broccoli appeared!
  12. he got it from a med shop so yes.

  13. wrong, his dealer got it, and that could of been from anywhere, so I smell BS
  14. First of all, I am shocked that you were able to derive that opinion off such little information..... and second of all, no. It doesn't happen to all of us.

    OP: If you smoked it properly, and didn't feel high, chances are very likely that it was NOT indeed OG Kush. Also, if the pictures you compared it to were completely different, this should also tell you it isn't real. Pictures can be deceiving though, so make sure to read up on the physical characteristics, as well as just the visual comparison.
  15. unless your talking to the grower or buying it from a dispensary strain names are 99% bullshit, all my friends who deal usually just make up the name describing the bud. like awhile ago my friend got a pickup of what his supplier said was like...idk it had some weird BS name, but anyway it smelled kinda like watermelon ( actually it fucking STANK like straight up watermelon if you let it like sit in a car, it was kinda weird, but dank ) so we just called it watermelon kush.

    the only thing you can really determine as far as strain goes if your picking up off a street dealer is if its indica or sativa, sativa will give you a giggly head high, while indica's will make you stoned and give you that couch-lock feeling
  16. The only reason "99%" of strain names are fake, is because of people like you and your buddy.

    Also, Watermelon Kush is an actual strain.
  17. Hard to say, if it had NO orange hairs and didn't look like weed, it's probably not even weed. If you took four hits and didn't get high, probably not weed. Either that or it's shitty. Not OG kush cuz that shit will make you fly

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